Friday, June 23, 2006

Manufacturing Enemies

After two absurdly stupid "terrorist" busts, one in Canada and the other in London, we're being treated to another staged arrest of a "terrorist" group, this time in Miami. They're being accused of wanting to blow up the Sears tower and FBI offices.

After looking at this story just a little bit you can see the usual pattern of government agencies, entrapment, not-so-bright patsies and the inevitable massive coverage by the whoring media. And, as is commonly the case, the individuals involved don't fit any profile of being a "terrorist".

The "possible ties to al queda" is the giveaway phrase in all the news accounts. To begin with, al queda, the mysterious omnipresent government psy op terrorist organization, seems to have been represented in this case by an FBI agent. From various news sources we learn that this agent offered a lot of money, material support and even administered an oath of allegiance to the dupes. We'll never know how much goading and prodding the FBI did but it seems to have been substantial.

So what we have is another staged event meant to inject another dose of fear, done to coerce us all to accept a police state and surrender our rights. It was another government set up to cement the "fact" of the phoney al queda boogeyman in people's minds. And most importantly in this latest farce, it was meant to convince us that there's a homegrown terrorist threat. That's the next phase in the fascist agenda - anyone opposed to the police state will be tagged as a terrorist. That's the whole purpose of exercises like these - to brainwash the public into being afraid of a manufactured enemy, with the enemy turning out to be a lot like you.

update -Knight Ridder put out an unintentionally funny piece about this group in Miami and the Keystone Kops-like handling of the situation by AT Gonzales.

"This group was more aspirational than operational," said John Pistole, the FBI's deputy director." (probably with tongue firmly in cheek)

"According to the indictment, Narseal Batiste, the accused leader of the group, provided the informant with a list of materials and equipment needed to build an Islamic Army, including boots, uniforms, machine guns, radios and vehicles. At one point, he even provided shoe sizes for his "soldiers", the indictment states." (terrorists in uniforms?)

"U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales held up the case as a good example of the Justice Department's strategy of taking out domestic terrorists before they strike. He said the group is representative of "homegrown" terrorist cells that operate without ties to a larger group like al-Qaida."

I expect this circus will be flogged for all it's worth and it won't go anywhere at all. This is obviously a staged fraud, probably part of a political scheme to make us all believe that the bushistas are looking out for our safety, as well as getting us used to seeing americans branded as terrorists.

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Blogger Milton said...

I hope our Government will not bomb Al Jazzera again while I am there.

I will be appearing on Al Jazzera talking about the hype over the recent
"terrorist" apprehensions in Miami, Toronto, and London. These appear to be
yet additional neo-con inspired "crises" to push their all-too-evident

I am saying there wasn't a plot against the Sears Tower, it was awfully
curious timing for a "raid," wasn't it? After all, the Dems had just
finished making their first somewhat united effort to initiate a troop
withdrawal from Iraq (just disagreeing over the timetable -- with only a few
renegades, like GOP Joe Lieberman). It reminds us of the old days when Tommy
Thompson rolled out a color coded terror alert whenever the Bush
Administration experienced a dip in the polls.

You see, the essence of the Bush Administration efforts to continue waging a
lost war is to tie it to terrorism (even though they created a death trap
for our soldiers by starting the war.) Cheney was just on CNN once again
tying Iraq directly to the "War on Terrorism."

Pray for Israel,

--- Leland Milton Goldblatt

24/6/06 10:52 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Pleased to make your acquaintance. Yes it was very curious timing, seeing as Iraq was being debated by the senate.

24/6/06 6:24 PM  

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