Saturday, October 31, 2009

Toxic Sludge Is Good For You

Swine Flu Vaccine Propaganda Reaches New Levels Of Absurdity - Swine flu vaccine shots eliminate wrinkles, bad breath and varicose veins, too

"The propaganda push for flu vaccines has reached a level of absurdity that’s just begging to be made fun of. Today, a flu vaccine story appearing in Reuters claimed that injecting pregnant women with flu shots would increase the birth weight of their babies by half a pound. That same story claimed flu shots are so healthy for pregnant women that they also prevent premature births.
It even quotes a team of experts who claim that injecting an expectant mother with a flu shot would reduce the hospitalization of her infants, explaining: “Flu vaccine given to women during pregnancy is 85 percent effective in preventing hospitalization in their infants under 6 months of age.”

U.S. Pandemic Options Include Crippling Home Modems

Break out the checkerboards and crossword puzzles

"The U.S. has a dark box of options for keeping Internet traffic flowing during a pandemic, including restricting the bandwidth capability of home modems.
The feds have already shown their willingness to impose their power on carriers because of national security, something that happened after 9/11 with the Patriot Act. If a pandemic keeps large numbers of the workforce at home and causes network congestion, the U.S. government will likely act again.
Most businesses and government agencies have diverse routing and pay carriers handsomely for bandwidth rich connections. But if a pandemic keeps 30% or more of the population at home, the so-called low bandwidth "last mile" to homes will be critical but in trouble as legions of at-home employees attempt work along with those playing networked games and streaming video.
Voluntary appeals to reduce Internet use will likely be the first option for policy makers. But if that doesn't work, the U.S. General Accountability Office report this week on pandemic planning and networks, outlined some of the other possibilities.
One "technically feasible alternative," wrote the GAO, is to temporarily cripple home user modems:

"Although providers cannot identify users at the computer level to manage traffic from that point, two providers stated that if the residential Internet access network in a particular neighborhood was experiencing congestion, a provider could attempt to reduce congestion by reducing the amount of traffic that each user could send to and receive from his or her network. Such a reduction would require adjusting the configuration file within each customer's modem to temporarily reduce the maximum transmission speed that that modem was capable of performing-for example, by reducing its incoming capability from 7 Mbps to 1 Mbps."

h↑t to Aftermath News

Christopher Walken's Modern Music Interpretation

AIPAC Whores To Service Their Masters

Democratic House To Pass Resolution Defending Israel's Actions in Gaza War on Tuesday

"The House resolution which will pass on Tuesday basically endorses everything Israel did in the horrific Gaza war while bashing Judge Richard Goldstone for documenting war crimes committed in that war (320 dead Palestinian kids!).
After the vote I'll post the roll call and you will see that some of your favorite "courageous" liberals are none too courageous when it comes to this issue. Some of the very House members who denounce the Iraq war, the Afghanistan war and God knows how many other US military actions (often rightly) go mute when it comes to Israel."





Bring The Whole Family. Please.

George W. Bush to become motivational speaker

Tickets to see George Bush on sale for $4.95

"Organisers of the event in San Antonio, Texas say guests can also buy a group ticket which will allow them to "send your entire office" to see the former leader of the free world for $19.

Mr Bush features as the "special guest speaker" at the "Get Motivated!" seminar, a popular US programme of "motivational mega-shows" run by Peter and Tamara Lowe.

The 43rd US president made his debut at one of their events earlier this week in front of 11,000 people at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Texas.
Mr Bush, who lives in Dallas, Texas, was given a rapturous reception as he told the audience: "I'm glad to be home. I don't know if you've heard but I've retired – and there's no better place to retire than here in the promised land.
"Every single day, I was honoured to be your president by bringing honour and dignity to the office."


Happy Halloween

The Kim Jong-il that Clinton met was a fake, says academic - Japanese professor claims communist dictator has been replaced after dying in 2003

"The Clinton visit in August had Mr Shigemura's alarm bells ringing again, when the former President was pictured alongside a far healthier looking Mr Kim than the wan and feeble Great Leader seen after North Korea test-fired a long range missile on April 5 2009. "They were totally different people," Mr Shigemura asserted to the Christian Science Monitor this week."

Our Bland, Nonsensical Celebration Of Whatever

Ancient Origins of Halloween

"Halloween's origins date back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-in).

The Celts, who lived 2,000 years ago in the area that is now Ireland, the United Kingdom, and northern France, celebrated their new year on November 1. This day marked the end of summer and the harvest and the beginning of the dark, cold winter, a time of year that was often associated with human death. Celts believed that on the night before the new year, the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred. On the night of October 31, they celebrated Samhain, when it was believed that the ghosts of the dead returned to earth. In addition to causing trouble and damaging crops, Celts thought that the presence of the otherworldly spirits made it easier for the Druids, or Celtic priests, to make predictions about the future. For a people entirely dependent on the volatile natural world, these prophecies were an important source of comfort and direction during the long, dark winter.

To commemorate the event, Druids built huge sacred bonfires, where the people gathered to burn crops and animals as sacrifices to the Celtic deities.
During the celebration, the Celts wore costumes, typically consisting of animal heads and skins, and attempted to tell each other's fortunes. When the celebration was over, they re-lit their hearth fires, which they had extinguished earlier that evening, from the sacred bonfire to help protect them during the coming winter.

By A.D. 43, Romans had conquered the majority of Celtic territory. In the course of the four hundred years that they ruled the Celtic lands, two festivals of Roman origin were combined with the traditional Celtic celebration of Samhain.

The first was Feralia, a day in late October when the Romans traditionally commemorated the passing of the dead. The second was a day to honor Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruit and trees. The symbol of Pomona is the apple and the incorporation of this celebration into Samhain probably explains the tradition of "bobbing" for apples that is practiced today on Halloween.

By the 800s, the influence of Christianity had spread into Celtic lands. In the seventh century, Pope Boniface IV designated November 1 All Saints' Day, a time to honor saints and martyrs. It is widely believed today that the pope was attempting to replace the Celtic festival of the dead with a related, but church-sanctioned holiday. The celebration was also called All-hallows or All-hallowmas (from Middle English Alholowmesse meaning All Saints' Day) and the night before it, the night of Samhain, began to be called All-hallows Eve and, eventually, Halloween. Even later, in A.D. 1000, the church would make November 2 All Souls' Day, a day to honor the dead. It was celebrated similarly to Samhain, with big bonfires, parades, and dressing up in costumes as saints, angels, and devils. Together, the three celebrations, the eve of All Saints', All Saints', and All Souls', were called Hallowmas."

US schools put the frighteners on scary costumes for Halloween - Clampdown on cloaks, masks and weapons that could upset or offend

"In a country where few things are quite so terrifying as an expensive lawsuit, and pagan tradition sits uneasily with religious conviction, many teachers have started banning small children from dressing up in a manner that could upset, offend, or even scare their peers. Out go vampire cloaks, zombie masks, plastic weapons, and fake blood. In come "princess" dresses, cuddly animal outfits, and the occasional jauntily placed top hat.
Fangs and fingernail extensions are completely verboten; witches' robes are frowned upon. Instead, costumes must be broadly "positive"."

can't wait for the excitement

In Light Of The Ukraine Situation

Ukraine goes into lockdown after swine flu spike

"Kiev - The death toll from a swine flu outbreak in Ukraine rose to 34 on Saturday, as the government announced new measures to control the spread of the virus.
Two of the victims were infants, Health Minister Vasyl Kniazevych told Channel 5 television.
As of Saturday morning, the flu was thought still to be limited in to the country's western provinces, but because of the number of suspected cases, a spread was likely, he said."

Flashback - Joseph Moshe (MOSSAD Microbiologist): “Swine flu vaccine is bioweapon”

"August 21, 2009 - Today, the MSM are not talking about this case any more. Yesterday, they wanted us to believe that Joseph Moshe was a nutcase and a terrorist, arrested for threatening to bomb the White House. Interesting detail about his arrest (the “Westwood standoff”) was that he seemed to be immune to the 5 cans of tear gas and 5 gallons of law-enforcement grade pepper spray they pumped into his face. He very calmly remained in his car, as the video footage of his arrest shows.

Professor Moshe had called into a live radio show by Dr. A. True Ott, broadcast on Republic Broadcasting claiming to be a microbiologist who wanted to supply evidence to a States Attorney regarding tainted H1N1 Swine flu vaccines being produced by Baxter BioPharma Solutions. He said that Baxter’s Ukrainian lab was in fact producing a bioweapon disguised as a vaccine. He claimed that the vaccine contained an adjuvant (additive) designed to weaken the immune system, and replicated RNA from the virus responsible for the 1918 pandemic Spanish flu, causing global sickness and mass death.

Sources tell us that Bar-Joseph Moshe made no threat against the President or the White House. He did not mention any bomb or attack. He then proceeded to inform the White House he intended to go public with this information. When he noticed men in suits in front of his house and feared that the FBI was about to detain him, he packed some belongings into his car and, him being a dual Israeli citizen, tried to reach the Israeli consulate located in close proximity to the federal building where the standoff took place. The FBI and the bomb squad prevented him from reaching it. Who is this man? His profile on says he is a plant disease expert with many publications on his name involving the genetic manipulation of virii."

Flashback - MSM story about the incident

So did this man have something extremely important to disclose or was he a dangerous terrorist who "threatened to bomb the white house"?
Considering how officials have consistantly lied about terrorist threats we should take all their declarations with a large grain of salt. The fact of the matter was that he had called into a talk show and then the word came down from above to mount a gigantic operation to aprehend the man. The "neighbor" in the video above appears to be a plant specifically to bolster the offical version that has Moshe mentally unbalanced, off his "meds", not to be taken seriously. Apparently he was immediately sent to Israel.

added - "An apc, at least 50 officers with weapons drawn, streets closed, apartments evacuated, fed building on lockdown, 8 hours plus to remove him from his RED BEETLE, all because he "threatened" the White House? From L.A.? In a red v dub? And he took 3 tear gas shells in that tiny car and was hosed with pepper spray? And he's not dead? ok... is it just me? Or does anyone else see something wrong with this picture?"

But what about his assertion that Baxter was deliberately releasing tainted vaccines in Ukraine? Take a look at the story at the top. Then one more little flashback about another Baxter vaccine release:

March 3, 2009
Viral Pandemic H5N1 flu threat: Baxter contaminates European labs by error

"It could be a Hollywood Worst Case Thriller, but it is real: According to the scientific network PROMED, Baxter International Inc. in Austria "unintentionally contaminated samples with the bird flu virus that were used in laboratories in 3 neighboring countries, raising concern about the potential spread of the deadly disease".

Friday, October 30, 2009

Snitch Nation

FBI Demands Tattoo Shops Rat On Customers

"Are you in the market for a patriotic tattoo, maybe the Gadsden flag? Forget about it. Unless you want the local tattoo artist to inform on you.

The FBI, in league with the Bureau of Justice Assistance (part of the Department of Justice), has launched a program that harks back to East Germany’s Stasi.
In Philadelphia, the FBI has instructed tattoo shops to rat out their customers if they demand privacy, insist on paying with cash, engage in “suspicious behavior,” make “anti-US” comments, or request tattoos that are “extremist symbols.”

This Is News?

Shameless, smiling military recruitment.

Something's Happening Fast In Ukraine - Will It Be Used As The Big Scare?

Unidentified flue outbreak in Western Ukraine 10/29/09

"As the number of sick persons increases, the authorities describe the situation as rather serious, says Ternopil oblast chief medical officer Bohdan Onyskiv."

Ukraine considers quarantine after first H1N1 death 10:11 GMT 10/30/09

"KIEV, Oct 30 (Reuters) - Ukraine confirmed its first death from H1N1 swine flu on Friday and officials said that a quarantine could be introduced to halt the spread of the virus.
An outbreak of flu and pneumonia has killed 30 people in western Ukraine since mid-October, but officials have until now insisted this was not the H1N1 strain.
"So far, not all the dead were tested (for H1N1)," a health ministry spokeswoman said. "However, tests on one dead (person) proved positive."

Ukraine reports 30 swine flu deaths 13:04 GMT 10/30

Ukraine shuts schools, halts (political) campaigning over H1N1 15:58 GMT

Ukraine Orders Mobile Military Hospitals for H1N1 Caseload 18:52 GMT 10/30

"Local television and radio reports describe a doubling of reported cases (from 37,923 to over 80,000) in a 24 hour period, potentially taxing health care delivery. Some health care workers have also been infected.Samples have been sent to London for analysis and a permanent link to WHO has been established. The situation appears to be quite fluid and transmission could be exacerbated by the upcoming holiday weekend."

Ukraine’s Deadly Flu: Pretext for Mandatory Vaccination?

"Is it possible the new influenza strain now emerging in Eastern Europe is also a biological warfare agent?
It remains to be seen if the new virus will defy Tymoshenko’s quarantine and spread. If the virus does spread, it will likely be used as an excuse to impose mandatory vaccinations and quarantines in the West.
As it now stands, the hype surrounding the H1N1 outbreak and the government campaign to stampede people into taking toxic soft kill vaccines produced by Big Pharma is a dismal failure."

Judicial Slave Trade Finally Frowned Upon

State's high court dismisses juvenile convictions

"The Pennsylvania Supreme Court yesterday dismissed thousands of juvenile convictions issued by a judge charged in a corruption scandal, saying that none of the young offenders got a fair hearing.
The high court yesterday threw out more than five years' worth of juvenile cases heard by disgraced former Luzerne County Judge Mark Ciavarella, who is charged with accepting millions of dollars in kickbacks to send youths to private detention centers."

Neighbor With Experience Warns That Unstable Israel About To Get All Penisy Again

Lebanon warns UN: Israel planning to attack us

"Lebanon's ambassador to the United Nations has warned that Israel is exhibiting signs of an imminent attack on his country, the Lebanese newspaper Al-Hayyat reported on Friday."


US Rich-Poor Income Gap World’s Most Extreme

"Income inequality in the US is now the most extreme of all countries. The 2008 OECD report ‘Income Distribution and Poverty in OECD Countries’ concludes that the US is the country with the highest inequality and poverty rate across the OECD and that since 2000 nowhere has there been such a stark rise in income inequality as in the US. The OECD finds that in the US the distribution of wealth is even more unequal than the distribution of income."

End Of The Newspapers

The Media Death Spiral

"The circulation figures for the top 25 dailies in the US are out, and they're horrifying. The median decline is well into the teens; only the Wall Street Journal gained (very slightly).
I think we're witnessing the end of the newspaper business, full stop, not the end of the newspaper business as we know it. The economics just aren't there. At some point, industries enter a death spiral: too few consumers raises their average costs, meaning they eventually have to pass price increases onto their customers. That drives more customers away. Rinse and repeat . . .
For twenty years, newspapers have been trying to slow the process with increasingly desperate cost cutting, but almost all are at the end of that rope; they can't cut their newsroom or production staff any further and still put out a newspaper. There just aren't enough customers who are willing to pay for their product what it costs to produce it."

Electronic transmissions are driving them out of business, sure, but newspapers all across the country stopped being relevant and independent a long time ago. They sold out to the bottom line by being 75% ad circulars and syndicated everything else. News content was only to draw attention to the advertisements. People are also sick and tired of news media simply being the propaganda arm of the government, stenographers with amnesia just parroting what the government wants us to know. Timid newspapers, not wanting to offend any readers, relied on the safe environment of bland pack journalism fluffed out with totally irrelevent junk all designed to steer readers to the ads. No wonder they're collapsing.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Epidemic Of Fake Virginity Disturbs Patriarchy

Egyptian lawmakers want to ban fake hymen

"Conservative Egyptian lawmakers have called for a ban on imports of a Chinese-made kit meant to help women fake their virginity and one scholar has even called for the "exile" of anyone who imports or uses it.

The Artificial Virginity Hymen kit, distributed by the Chinese company Gigimo, costs about $30. It is intended to help newly married women fool their husbands into believing they are virgins — culturally important in a conservative Middle East where sex before marriage is considered by many to be illicit. The product leaks a blood-like substance when inserted and broken."

Proper, perhaps perpetual personal purity prevents pointless patriarchal peevishness.

The Gigimo Artificial Virginity Hymen


"No more worry about losing your virginity. With this product, you can have your first night back anytime. Insert this artificial hymen into your vagina carefully. It will expand a little and make you feel tight. When your lover penetrate, it will ooze out a liquid that look like blood not too much but just the right amount. Add in a few moans and groans, you will pass through undetectable."

Bailouts Are Forever

GMAC Needs A THIRD Bailout Of At Least $2.8 Billion

Government Is Trying to Make Bailouts for the Giant Banks PERMANENT

"Paul Volcker and senior Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron both testified to Congress this week that the government is trying to make bailouts for the giant banks permanent.
Writing Wednesday in The Hill, Congressman Brad Sherman pointed out that :

"When I asked Geithner whether he would accept a $1 trillion limit on the new bailout authority (if the executive branch wanted to spend more, it would have to come back to Congress), he rejected a $1 trillion limit, insisting that the executive branch be able to respond without coming back to Congress."

Britain Appears To Be A Giant Psychological Experiment

How else to explain this?

Council bans parents from play areas

"Parents have been banned from supervising their children in public playgrounds, because they have not undergone criminal record checks.
Only council-vetted "play rangers" are now allowed to monitor youngsters in two adventure areas in Watford while parents must watch from outside a perimeter fence.
The Watford Borough Council policy has been attacked as insulting and a disgrace by furious relatives who say they are being labelled as potential paedophiles.

It will further fuel concerns over a growing nanny state amid the deepening row over the Government's new national anti-paedophile database.
That will see at least 11 million adults have to be vetted to work with children or vulnerable adults, including parents who give officials lifts to and from social or sports clubs.
Councillors in Watford claim they are only following Government guidelines and cannot allow adults to walk around playgrounds "unchecked".

There's no end to the insane nanny state rules and laws, it's like mad scientists are pushing people to the edge to see how much they'll take before they crack. They banned guns, they have anti knife knives, they even banned gun and knife videos, they're the most snooped on society on the face of the earth. Britain may even ban glass pints for beer in pubs for jeebus' sake. The people have been fined almost a billion pounds because speed cameras watch their every move. Now all parents are assumed to be pedophiles and can't play with their own kids in community parks? It's truly a macabre situation and you have to wonder when they'll snap.

Just In Time For Xmas

New game lets players massacre civilians

"A new video game allows players to pose as Russian ultranationalist terrorists and massacre civilians with assault weapons in an airport.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is set for release Nov. 10, in time for the American holiday shopping season. Its predecessor sold 14 million copies and earned myriad "game of the year" awards.
But the latest incarnation is drawing fire. The game allows players to pose as terrorists -- and play in first-person view -- engaging in violence against non-combat actors."

"Activision, the game's publisher, and its lawyers, have been working frantically to remove all traces of the footage from the web, arguing that it was released illegally before the game had come out. But the company has confirmed the footage is authentic and that the mission is part of the game."
In the scene, Australian reviewers wrote, "Several civilians are shot with blood burst bullet wounds; civilian corpses are strewn across the airport floor, often in stylised pools of blood; injured civilians crawl away with lengthy blood trails behind them."

Clunker Scam

Good for dealers, automakers, bad for taxpayers

"Car sales and research site estimated today that each new car sold under the Cash for Clunkers government subsidy program cost the American taxpayers more than $24,000.
Edmunds estimated that 82 percent of vehicle sales during the program would have happened anyway (then or at some point in the near future), so the program only enticed about 18 percent of the buyers who participated in the program, which moved 690,000 new vehicles off the lots of very relieved dealers.
This means that the much-touted government program only got 125,000 new vehicles on the road than already would have gotten there without a government subsidy."

Happy Anniversary Great Depression

80 years young today.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Now Who Would Want To Sabotage An Oil Pipeline To Turkey?

Saboteurs hit Iraq oil pipeline: ministry

"BAGHDAD — A crude oil pipeline in northern Iraq was damaged by attempted sabotage earlier this week, an oil ministry spokesman said on Wednesday.
The pipeline was isolated after the incident, but production and exports were not affected because it carried crude to a storage unit with sufficient reserves, Assem Jihad told AFP.
"Sabotage targeting an export pipeline for crude oil was carried out" around dawn Monday in Nineveh province, Jihad said without providing more details about the attack.
"It caused a fire but firemen controlled it."

Iran's Ahmadinejad praises Turk PM on Israel stance

"TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad praised visiting Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday for his "clear stance against" Israel, Iran's state media reported."

Cops Find Novel Way To Be More Annoying

NYPD To Shake Up Streets With Siren-Sound Device

"New Yorkers will soon feel police presence in a way they've never felt it before.
The New York Police Department has installed "rumblers," or ground-shaking sound devices on some of their cars, to make sure that even those who can't see or hear an approaching police car, will now be able to feel it, up to 200 feet away.
"It emits vibration that can be felt, so drivers, even with their windows rolled up and stereos on, can be alerted to the approach of emergency vehicles, " NYPD spokesman Paul Browne told the New York Post. "It also gets the attention of pedestrians with headphones or iPods of who may be otherwise inattentive to conventional sirens."

People are going to think it's just another gang banger with an extreme sub woofer in his ride. And they wouldn't be too far off.

Israel's Cash Cow Comes First

Farmers' incomes dry up as milk prices plunge about 50%

"WEST GROVE, Pa. — Milk prices have plunged by about 50% from the historic highs of last summer, pummeling producers such as Walt Moore, a fourth-generation farmer whose family has worked the rolling fields of southeastern Pennsylvania for nearly a century.
"If these prices stay low through 2009, there's going to be a lot of producers that don't make it," Moore says, noting that several nearby dairy operators have already decided to sell their herds and get out of the business.
While many producers managed to sock away profits early last year, they still might not be able to survive. "This time, the rainy day will last a lot longer than one day," Moore says.
Dairy operations across the country are taking an enormous hit as prices plummet."

US removes import levy on Israeli milk products

"Following diplomatic efforts, President Obama signs memo eliminating import subcharge on dairy products from Israel. Exports of milk products to US totaled $6 million in 2007.

The United States has removed the import subcharge on dairy products from Israel, following diplomatic efforts exerted by the Israeli Embassy in Washington and the Israeli Agriculture Ministry."

Many More Stories Like These And Their Innoculation Push Is Finished

Boy rushed to hospital after swine flu jab

"The safety of Northern Ireland’s swine flu vaccination programme was called into question today by the parent of a young special needs pupil who ended up in hospital just hours after getting the jab.
Anne Marie Fletcher said she feared her 15-year-old son Rhys was going to die as she rushed him to hospital less than 24 hours after receiving the swine flu vaccine.
The teenager fell seriously ill after receiving the injection, along with thousands of other pupils across Northern Ireland last Friday. He was later diagnosed with swine flu."

“He kept saying he wanted to sleep but I wouldn’t dare let him close his eyes because I was frightened that if I did he would never wake up.”

Flu clinic 'overdoses' 7 children

Video Game Murder

The Company You Keep

Drug running brother of Karzai employed by CIA

Ahmed Wali Karzai, right, the brother of President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan

"KABUL, Afghanistan — Ahmed Wali Karzai, the brother of the Afghan president and a suspected player in the country’s booming illegal opiumtrade, gets regular payments from the Central Intelligence Agency, and has for much of the past eight years, according to current and former American officials.

The agency pays Mr. Karzai for a variety of services, including helping to recruit an Afghan paramilitary force that operates at the C.I.A.’s direction in and around the southern city of Kandahar, Mr. Karzai’s home.
The financial ties and close working relationship between the intelligence agency and Mr. Karzai raise significant questions about America’s war strategy, which is currently under review at the White House."

This Times article goes on to repeat the fallacy that "the lucrative Afghan drug trade, a major source of revenue for the Taliban," as if the occupiers and their Afghan cronies wear the white hats in Afghanistan. Opium production was at zero during Taliban rule and only achieved record numbers after the US invaded and hired thugs like the Karzai brothers.

Drug Enforcement Agency agents have been flooding into Poppystan the past year, probably to better oversee their operations, four of them died in that Monday helicopter crash. By the way, ever wonder why when helicopters go down it's never, ever from enemy fire?

added - America's Drug Crisis, Brought to You by the CIA

"The real story here is that where the US goes, the drug trade soon follows, and the leading role in developing and nurturing that trade appears to be played by the Central Intelligence Agency.
Your tax dollars at work


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The World Of Tomorrow

Romania's Turn To Get A Halo

It was Moscow last time.

How Bad Is It?

There's a shortage of foreclosure lawyers

"...with foreclosures continuing to rise, the shortage of lawyers available to represent homeowners trying to save their most precious asset has reached emergency proportions."

" many as 86% of foreclosure victims in hard-hit areas didn't have legal counsel last year, according to the Brennan Center for Justice at the NYU School of Law, which released a report earlier this month."

Just When They Need It

Rocket fired from Lebanon prompts Israeli barrage

"JERUSALEM (AFP) - A Katyusha rocket fired from Lebanon hit northern Israel on Tuesday night without causing casualties, prompting Israel to retaliate with artillery, sources on both sides said."

"The rocket landed in open ground east of the Israeli town of Kiryat Shmona and started a fire but caused no serious damage, sources there said."
How many times have we seen this? How many times do the Israelis think they can pull this insanity off and get away with it? Over and over they point to these self inflicted incidents and use them as justification to launch deadly waves of aggression against their intended targets, thinking we'll keep believing their manipulation.
Michael Rivero at WhatReallyHappened says it better then I could:

"Now that war with Iran is derailed by the pending nuclear agreement, Israel needs a war to distract the world from War Crimes charges being brought at the UN.
As usual, just when Israel needs it, an unidentified party fires a single fireworks rocket into Israel, hitting nothing of any value, thereby justifying Israel's "retaliation."
I mean, just stop and ask yourself, why would anyone actually in Lebanon give Israel what it most needs to have right now; a rocket that hits absolutely nothing of value, but gives Israel the excuse it needs for another attack on Lebanon? The Lebanese aren't stupid enough to do that, and you are not stupid enough to believe it.
Remember that the Lebanese
routinely find planted rockets set up just inside the border, aimed back at Israel.
this report, the rockets are old, fired with delayed timers, and propped up against pieces of furniture as launchers, meaning they were never intended to hit a specific target; just create a politically useful noise.
"By way of deception...."


Homeland Security's Attitude About Internet Access During It's Threatened Pandemic

Think they give a shit?
One word.
Think Katrina.

SEC, Homeland Security need Web backup, GAO says

"The department does not even have a plan to start work on the issue, the General Accountability Office said.
But the Homeland Security Department accused the GAO of having unrealistic expectations of how the Internet could be managed if millions began to telework from home at the same time as bored or sick schoolchildren were playing online, sucking up valuable bandwidth.
Experts have for years pointed to the potential problem of Internet access during a severe pandemic, which would be a unique kind of emergency. It would be global, affecting many areas at once, and would last for weeks or months, unlike a disaster such as a hurricane or earthquake.
H1N1 swine flu has been declared a pandemic but is considered a moderate one. Health experts say a worse one -- or a worsening of this one -- could result in 40 percent absentee rates at work and school at any given time and closed offices, transportation links and other gathering places."

"An expectation of unlimited Internet access during a pandemic is not realistic," he added."

Israel Worsens Conditions In The World's Largest Concentration Camp

Report: Palestinians denied water

"Israel is denying Palestinians access to even the basic minimum of clean, safe water, Amnesty International says.
In a report, the human rights group says Israeli water restrictions discriminate against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.
It says that in Gaza, Israel's blockade has pushed the already ailing water and sewage system to "crisis point".
Israel says the report is flawed and the Palestinians get more water than was agreed under the 1990s peace deal.
In the 112-page report, Amnesty says that on average Palestinian daily water consumption reaches 70 litres a day, compared with 300 litres for the Israelis.
It says that some Palestinians barely get 20 litres a day - the minimum recommended even in humanitarian emergencies.
While Israeli settlers in the West Bank enjoy lush gardens and swimming pools, Amnesty describes a series of Israeli measures it says are discriminating against Palestinians:
*Israel has "entirely appropriated the Palestinians' share of the Jordan river" and uses 80% of a key shared aquifer
*West Bank Palestinians are not allowed to drill wells without Israeli permits, which are "often impossible" to obtain
*Rainwater harvesting cisterns are "often destroyed by the Israeli army"
*Israeli soldiers confiscated a water tanker from villagers who were trying to remain in land Israel had declared a "closed military area"
*An unnamed Israeli soldier says rooftop Palestinian household water tanks are "good for target practice"
*Much of the land cut off by the West Bank barrier is land with good access to a major aquifer
*Israeli military operations have damaged Palestinian water infrastructure, including $6m worth during the Cast Lead operation in Gaza last winter
*The Israeli-Egyptian blockade of Gaza has "exacerbated what was already a dire situation" by denying many building materials needed for water and sewage projects."

Agents Provocateur Finally Getting Grilled

Quebec police lied for days that they weren't undercover thugs before they were forced to admit the truth.

Officers accused of inciting violence to testify before police ethics panel

"Three undercover officers accused of inciting protesters to attack riot police at the 2007 North American leaders summit in Montebello are being summoned to testify before Quebec's independent police ethics committee.
The decision from the committee released this week overrules an independent review that exonerated the officers. It also comes more than two years after the black-clad trio were first exposed on YouTube.
Dave Coles, the union leader who confronted the men at the time and filed a complaint against the police, said a public inquiry is needed to determine whether they were acting on orders from federal officials."

How The Empire Obtained It's Indian Ocean Fortress

U.S. Forcibly Deported Islanders, Gassed their Dogs to Make Way for Diego Garcia Military Base

"In order to convert the sleepy, Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia into a dominating military base, the U.S. forcibly transported its 2,000 Chagossian inhabitants into exile and gassed their dogs.
By banning journalists from the area, the U.S. Navy was able to perpetrate this with virtually no press coverage, says David Vine, an assistant professor of anthropology at American University and author of “Island of Shame: the Secret History of the U.S. Military on Diego Garcia(Princeton University Press).”
“The Chagossians were put on a boat and taken to Mauritius and the Seychelles, 1,200 miles away, where they were left on the docks, with no money and no housing, to fend for themselves,” Vine said on the interview show “Books Of Our Time,” sponsored by the Massachusetts School of Law at Andover.
“They were promised jobs that never materialized. They had been living on an island with schools, hospitals, and full employment, sort of like a French coastal village, and they were consigned to a life of abject poverty in exile, unemployment, health problems, and were the poorest of the poor,” Vine told interview host Lawrence Velvel, dean of the law school.
Their pet dogs were rounded up and gassed, and their bodies burned, before the very eyes of their traumatized owners, Vine said.
“They were moved because they were few in number and not white,” Vine added. The U.S. government circulated the fiction the Chagossians were transient contract workers that had taken up residence only recently but, in fact, they had been living on Diego Garcia since about the time of the American Revolution. Merchants had imported them to work on the coconut and copra plantations. Vine said the U.S. government induced The Washington Post not to break a story spelling out events on the island."

Island of Shame: The Secret History of the U.S. Military Base on Diego Garcia

Monday, October 26, 2009

Motor City Junkyard

"DETROIT (Reuters) - In a crowded ballroom next to a bankrupt casino, what remains of the Detroit property market was being picked over by speculators and mostly discarded.
After five hours of calling out a drumbeat of "no bid" for properties listed in an auction book as thick as a city phone directory, the energy of the county auctioneer began to flag.
"OK," he said. "We only have 300 more pages to go."
There was tired laughter from investors ready to roll the dice on a city that has become a symbol of the collapse of the U.S. auto industry, pressures on the industrial middle-class and intractable problems for the urban poor.
On the auction block in Detroit: almost 9,000 homes and lots in various states of abandonment and decay from the tidy owner-occupied to the burned-out shell claimed by squatters.
Taken together, the properties seized by tax collectors for arrears and put up for sale last week represented an area the size of New York's Central Park. Total vacant land in Detroit now occupies an area almost the size of Boston, according to a Detroit Free Press estimate.
The tax foreclosure auction by Wayne County authorities also stood as one of the most ambitious one-stop attempts to sell off urban property since the real-estate market collapse.
Despite a minimum bid of $500, less than a fifth of the Detroit land was sold after four days."

Isn't This Interesting

Flu isn't the biggest danger - it's the vaccine

"The first inoculation turns off white blood cells (the immune system); the second injects viruses; and the third switches the immune system on again.
In the middle period viruses are expanding around the body, but the person doesn't feel sick because the immune system is not fighting them. When the immune system kicks in again it unleashes such an assault on the virus cocktail that it kills the body.
This is known as a cytokine storm when the immune system is so overwhelmed that it sends too many antibodies at the same time to infected areas of the body and the body kills itself."

WHO memos 1972 explains how to turn vaccines into a means of killing

"Two key memorandums from WHO, discovered by Patrick Jordan, prove WHO has intentionally created the three-shot killer vaccine that people in the USA and other countries could soon be forced to take.

1972 WHO Bulletin 47, No 2 Memordanda #1 and #2 Virus-associated immunopathology:
Animal models and implications for human disease * technically outline the ability to create biological weapons in the form of vaccines that:
1) First totally disable the Immune System.
2) Load every cell of the Victim’s body up with Infection.
3) Switch the Immune System on causing the host to kill themselves in a Cytokine Storm.

One, Two, Three, Dead.

These WHO Memorandas describe the three-stage impact of the three "shots" many people will be forced to take this fall to allegedly treat a virus that WHO also helped create and release.

This is a crucial piece of evidence of WHO's long-term genocidal intentions that could stand in any court of law because these memorandums give the best and fullest explanation WHO's and affiliated labs (such as the CDC) current activities, such as their patenting of the most lethal bird flu viruses, their sending that virus to Baxter's subsidiary in Austria, which weaponised it and sent out 72 kilos to 16 labs in four countries almost triggering a global pandemic."

Download the WHO Memoranda:

3 flu shots may be needed - New York

Residents May Need 3 Shots This Fall - Tennessee

3 shots needed for flu season - West Virginia

County officials say multiple flu shots may be needed - California

"You may need to get as many as three flu shots this fall to protect yourself from the swine flu and regular seasonal flu, Los Angeles County’s top public health official said today."

Flu Shots in 2009 May Include Three Shots - North Dakota

3 shots needed for flu vaccine this year! - Georgia

Ouch! Early Flu Season Comes With Three Shots - Fox "News"

We Can Now Send In The Cruise Missiles

McDonald's pulls out of Iceland

"McDonald's is to close its business in Iceland because the country's financial crisis has made it too expensive to operate its franchise.
The fast food giant said its three outlets in the country would shut - and that it had no plans to return. "

Golden Arches Theory of Conflict Prevention

"In Thomas L. Friedman's 1999 book The Lexus and the Olive Tree the following observation was presented: "No two countries that both had McDonald's had fought a war against each other since each got its McDonald's"."

Why Don't We Just Trust The 'Authorities'?

All But Forgotten, Faux Won Court Ruling To Lie To You

Fox News Wins Lawsuit To Misinform Public – Seriously

"Coincidentally, all mainstream news organizations missed a piece of information that basically changed journalism as we knew it. had to bring this one to our attention. On Friday, they linked to the blog page of, a website “dedicated to uniting voices in support of a return to more objective, truthful, fair, balanced, relevant and representative news reporting.”
The CeaseSPIN headline gets right to the point: “Fox News gets okay to misinform public, court ruling.”
Here’s the rundown: On August 18, 2000, journalist Jane Akre won $425,000 in a court ruling where she charged she was pressured by Fox News management and lawyers to air what she knew and documented to be false information.
The real information: she found out cows in Florida were being injected with RBGH, a drug designed to make cows produce milk – and, according to FDA-redacted studies, unintentionally designed to make human beings produce cancer.
Fox lawyers, under pressure by the Monsanto Corporation (who produced RBGH), rewrote her report over 80 times to make it compatible with the company’s requests. She and her husband, journalist Steve Wilson, refused to air the edited segment.
In February 2003, Fox appealed the decision and an appellate court and had it overturned. Fox lawyers argued it was their first amendment right to report false information. In a six-page written decision, the Court of Appeals decided the FCC’s position against news distortion is only a “policy,” not a “law, rule, or regulation.”
So, Fox and the other gladiatorical cable news channels were given the okay to legally lie right around the time of the Iraq War’s birth – when media lies coincidentally hit a peak in both frequency and severity."

This is news?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Forced Vaccination Discussion On Faux

Mossad Miffed At All The Attention On Afghanistan

Death toll high after multiple blasts in Baghdad

"At least 132 people have been killed and 520 injured after two car bombs went off in Iraq’s capital Baghdad on Sunday, reports BBC News and CNN. BBC News reports that it is the worst attack in Iraq since 2007."

"BBC News reports that Iraqi authorities said the attackers were suicide bombers."

Suicide Bombings - A Favourite Counter-Insurgency Tactic

SAS agents caught with explosives, posing as arabs in 2005

"Looking at this from a historical perspective, precedence for the type of bombings in Iraq that are attributed to the insurgency or "al-Qaeda" is virtually non existent. During world war II, a number of countries were occupied by the Nazis. Countries such as France, Denmark, Norway and many others all had resistance movements who used various tactics to hamper the Nazi take over. Yet, there are no records whatsoever that the resistance fighters resorted to the mass murder of their fellow country men in an effort to evict the Nazis. Sure there was factional infighting, but nothing on the massive scale that we are seeing in Iraq. And of course, how could there be? It defies all logic.

Fast forward to the Vietnam war and here too we find no evidence that the Vietcong waged a campaign to kill their own fellow citizens as part if the fight against American forces.

Of course, there are those who would suggest that Muslims are a different breed, that they, like so many other ungrateful peoples who attempted to throw-off the chains of empire, are little more than uncivilised savages and we cannot therefore hope to understand their mentality or actions. Such an ill-informed attitude however is in no way backed up by any evidence and must therefore be dismissed for the obvious racism that it is.

When the Iraqis first fought the British Empire in the 1920's, there was no "suicide bombings" by insurgents against Iraqis. On the contrary and according to good strategy, they united despite minor cultural and religious differences to confront the common British enemy.

Likewise in Afghanistan during the 10 year war with the Soviet union there were no instances of suicide bombings targeting Afghan civilians. Here too, the Afghan tribes united despite previous disagreements against the common aggressor.

Does no one find all of this even mildly odd? After 9-11, suddenly this bizarre phenomenon of an insurgency using suicide bombings against their own people rather than the invaders appears, as if to provide supporting evidence for the reality of the crazed "suicide bombing" hijackers that attacked America - or so the official story goes.

Could the answer be as simple as that what is being touted as suicide bombings are in fact the work of US/British/Israeli counterinsurgency teams? In Iraq, are we in fact dealing with the what are better know as "false flag operations"?"

We've seen this countless times in Iraq, innocent people blown to bits, and it's done by the US/Mossad/British spook forces. Normal people can't handle that thought - that governments pretending to be the good guys will slaughter indiscriminately. But that's exactly what they do, for political purposes, and they're counting on you to never believe it.

Springtime For Secession

Nullification: Firearms Freedom Act Introduced in Ohio

Montana Moves Toward Independence From Federal Gun Control Laws

Arizona HCR 2034


The Republic of Cascadia


Texas Governor Floats Possibility Of Secession

Vermont, too? Secession movement expands beyond Texas

Alaskan Independence Party

"The Alaskan Independence Party is a political party in the U.S. state of Alaska that advocates an in-state referendum which includes the option of Alaska becoming an independent nation.

Puerto Rican independence movement

State issues boycott of unconstitutional federal laws

"Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen signed a resolution back in June that creates a state committee tasked with working with other states to enumerate and combat the “abuses of authority by the federal government” and finding ways to reverse those mandates, according to an article by World Net Daily."

The Kingdom Of Hawaii Announces Secession

Filthy Lucre

The probable reason our overlords will end paper money, using something like "swine flu" to show how "concerned" they are about our health.

Paper Money As A Vector Of Disease

"In 1998, a study conducted by the University of California at San Francisco revealed that out of a hundred and thirteen examples of "real life," cash they cultured, most of the bills grew "harmless bacteria" but 18% of coins, and 7% of bills manifested pathogenic bacteria, including E-Coli, and Staph Aureus. Shirley Lowe, a microbiologist credited with conducting the study on behalf of the University stated that "half the money," she obtained from a doughnut shop grew Staphylococcus Aureus. Lowe stated, "Anything that can get on hands can get on money."

The article Filthy Lucre also revealed that a study conducted at the Houston Advanced Research Center in Texas found that 70-80% of all currency had trace amounts of cocaine hydrochloride on them. In older bills that had been in circulation for some time, 90% manifested trace amounts of cocaine. [9]

The Journal of Forensic Sciences conducted a study in May 1998 that concluded that more than 93% of all bills tested had trace amounts of cocaine hydrochloride present."


Public tweets, selected for rhyming and assembled into a project that's 6000 verses long, and growing.

The longest poem in the world

"driving school and visit peggy today
How to spend this cloudy, cool and wet day.
And that is all I have to say about that.
Getting ready for church and then Saints game! WHO DAT!!!
I just saw Sinbad live. That guy was and still is my childhood hero.
All I have to do is swing and I'm a hero..... But I'm a zero.
and I will dance too
back and i have glue.
Bout to get this fresh cut and then home to watch TV from my skybox.
Leaving the armpit of CA. Can't wait to get back home and detox.
Is awake and about to head downstairs
Is very very upset and in tears.
I'm up bright and early! Thank you God for another day.
waking up the Mrs. - it's time for her to come out and play.
steelers and buffalo wings are on the schedule today.
Should I go play Sunday ball or stay and watch these scum play?
Right going to try and get back to sleep night!
Writing is both mask and unveiling.- E.B. White
Its your first and you were their next!
Oh i see tease and then stop text
Alone at home, wife and children have taken a flight out for few days.
I'm watching BET Gospel Hour and giving GOD the GLORY and the PRAISE!!!!
i miss your smile your lips your eye your voice and your face
A world without art would be a bleak and soulless place"

Slave Labor, Cockroaches And Starvation

You know where this prison privatization thing is headed.

Death row may go private in Arizona

"FLORENCE, Ariz. — One of the newest residents on Arizona's death row, serial killer Dale Hausner, poked his head up from his television to look at several visitors strolling by, each of whom wore face masks and vests to protect against the sharp homemade objects that often are propelled from the cells of the condemned.
It is a dangerous place to patrol, and Arizona spends $4.7 million each year to house inmates such as Hausner in a super-maximum-security prison. But in a first in the criminal-justice world, the state's death-row inmates could become the responsibility of a private company.
State officials soon will seek bids from private companies for nine of the state's 10 prison complexes that house roughly 40,000 inmates, including the 127 on death row. It is the first attempt by a state to put its entire prison system under private control.
The privatization effort, in its breadth and aggressive financial goals, demonstrates what states — broke, desperate and often overburdened with prisoners and their associated costs — are willing to do to balance the books. Arizona officials hope the effort will put a $100 million dent in the state's roughly $2 billion budget shortfall.
"Let's not kid ourselves," said Andy Biggs, a Republican in the state Legislature who supports private prisons. "If we were not in this economic environment, I don't think we'd be talking about this with the same sense of urgency."
Private prison companies generally build facilities for a state and charge per prisoner to run them. But under the Arizona legislation, a vendor would pay $100 million upfront to operate one or more prison complexes. Assuming the company could operate the prisons more cheaply or efficiently than the state, any savings would be equally divided between the state and the firm."

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Getting Us Used To A Police State

Tired of getting pushed around by TSA thugs at the airport and want to take the bus instead?

Greyhound bus passengers get screened, pat down in special TSA operation

please step over to the body cavity section

"Bryce Williams wasn't expecting to walk through a metal detector or have his bags screened for explosives at the Greyhound bus terminal near downtown Orlando.But Williams and 689 other passengers went through tougher-than-normal security procedures Thursday as part of a random check coordinated by the U.S."
"There was no specific threat to the bus station on John Young Parkway south of Colonial Drive."

The Whole Thing Has A Stench

What Emergency?

From the Center for Disease Control website:

Key Facts About Seasonal Influenza (Flu)

"Every year in the United States, on average:
5% to 20% of the population gets the flu;
more than 200,000 people are hospitalized from flu-related complications; and
about 36,000 people die from flu-related causes."

Obama declares national emergency as US swine flu deaths hit 1,000

This proves the administration has ulterior motives, and that something is very, very wrong. Don't forget that the CDC stopped counting swine flu cases:
"ATLANTA - U.S. health officials have lost track of how many illnesses and deaths have been caused by the first global flu epidemic in 40 years.
And they did it on purpose
So the question has to be asked, why would they do that?
Considering the massive push to get people to take the vaccine, and knowing that anyone with a sniffle can now be classified as having "swine flu" but no one really knows, we can be told any fucking thing they want us to believe without having the facts.
Every explanation for the government's behavior is sinister.

Realize that in declaring a national emergency"
"The President may: Seize property, organize commodities, assign military forces abroad, institute Martial Law, seize and control and transportation and communication, regulate operation of private enterprise, restrict travel, and in a plethora of particular ways, control the lives of all American citizens".
Senate Report 93-549; Senate Resolution 9, 93d Congress, 1st. Session (III) 1973.

Best Congress Money Can Buy

McCain Moves Against Net Neutrality Rules

Surprise: McCain Biggest Beneficiary of Telco/ISP Money

"Senator John McCain (R-AZ) is the top recipient of campaign contributions from large Internet service providers like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast over the past two years, according to a new report from the Sunlight Foundation and the Center for Responsive Politics. McCain has taken in a total of $894,379 (much of that money going to support his failed 2008 bid for the presidency), more than twice the amount taken by the next-largest beneficiary, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. ($341,089).
Meanwhile, McCain has emerged as the ISPs' biggest champion against new "network neutrality" rules from the Federal Communications Commission, which voted Thursday to move forward in the process to adopt such rules. Shortly after the FCC vote, McCain introduced a bill (the "Internet Freedom Act") that would block regulation of the nation's largest broadband networks."

Difference Between News And Faux

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

Maddow is focusing on the latest attempt by Fox to get attention for itself by whining about the white house snub. When she talks about the tea bag rallies she doesn't bring up the history of how Fox manipulated events and then sent teams to cover them as supposed news. I remember after the propaganda push started against Iraq in the fall of 2002, Fox affiliates arranged local rallies for war against Iraq, with free food, beverages and music, and then sent reporters to cover them as if they were spontaneous events, without telling the audience what they'd done.
As for the white house declaring war on Fox, Fox unilaterally declared war on Obama well over a year ago.


Also in Los Angeles - Gang With Badges Takes Out Competition

"LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Approximately 1,100 LAPD officers and FBI agents served warrants at 47 locations in Los Angeles in the latest crackdown on street gangs."

About 23 cops for each arrest.
Frightened much?

Friday, October 23, 2009

All War Is Based On Deception

America's Phoney War in Afghanistan

"One of the most remarkable aspects of the Obama Presidential agenda is how little anyone has questioned in the media or elsewhere why at all the United States Pentagon is committed to a military occupation of Afghanistan. There are two basic reasons, neither one of which can be admitted openly to the public at large.
Behind all the deceptive official debate over how many troops are needed to “win” the war in Afghanistan, whether another 30,000 is sufficient, or whether at least 200000 are needed, the real purpose of US military presence in that pivotal Central Asian country is obscured.

Even during the 2008 Presidential campaign candidate Obama argued that Afghanistan not Iraq was where the US must wage war. His reason? Because he claimed, that was where the Al Qaeda organization was holed up and that was the “real” threat to US national security. The reasons behind US involvement in Afghanistan is quite another one.

The US military is in Afghanistan for two reasons. First to restore and control the world’s largest supply of opium for the world heroin markets and to use the drugs as a geopolitical weapon against opponents, especially Russia. That control of the Afghan drug market is essential for the liquidity of the bankrupt and corrupt Wall Street financial mafia."

"The irony of seven thousand tons of opium, which I don’t use, flowing out of a war torn area where it had previously been suppressed by those now being hunted by the very machine that is profiting from this item should not escape the notice of even the most stupid of you but… I never underestimate the power of stupid."

added - Endless war in Afghanistan is an absolute necessity. Health care for Americans is a luxury that can wait.

I'll Stay With What I've Got

The World According To Google

Tensions between India and China flare again

Google Placates India, China With Different Map Versions

"Google has hit upon an interesting way of placating both China and India over the way its map application displays Arunachal Pradesh, a region whose ownership is disputed by the two countries.
The Chinese version of Google Maps shows parts of Arunachal Pradesh as inside China's borders. In contrast, the Indian version of Google Maps depicts the state as part of India.
But both of those depictions differ from the global version of Google Maps, which shows Arunachal Pradesh as disputed territory within broken lines on the map."

Disarmed Brits Now Get This

Armed officers placed on routine foot patrol for first time
- Police officers armed with submachine guns are to be deployed on routine patrol of Britain's streets for the first time.

"A hand-picked team from CO19, the Metropolitan Police's elite firearms unit, will walk the beat in gun crime hotspots where armed gangs have turned entire estates into "no go" zones.
Local politicians and anti-gun campaigners have reacted with anger at the news that the officers will carry Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine guns – capable of firing up to 800 rounds-per-minute – and Glock semi-automatic pistols.
CO19 currently provides armed support in volatile situations like sieges and terrorist attacks, with its officers on constant call in vehicles around London.
But this is the first time that armed officers will be sent on permanent foot patrol anywhere in the country outside Northern Ireland."

Thursday, October 22, 2009

RIP Soupy Sales

I grew up watching his TV show. Decades before PeeWee Herman there was Soupy Sales, with his off the wall double entendre and inside jokes. It's said all in all he took over 25,000 pies to the face.
I played him in the yearly high school senior follies, and yes, I got a cream pie in the mug.

From Wikipedia:

"On New Year's Day 1965, miffed at having to work on the holiday, Sales ended his live broadcast by encouraging his young viewers to tiptoe into their still-sleeping parents' bedrooms and remove those "funny green pieces of paper with pictures of U.S. Presidents" from their pants and pocketbooks. "Put them in an envelope and mail them to me," Soupy instructed the children. "And I'll send you a postcard from Puerto Rico!" He was then hit with a pie.
Several days later, a chagrined Soupy announced that money was unexpectedly being received in the mail. He explained that he had been joking and announced that unreturnable contributions would be donated to charity. As parents' complaints increased, WNEW's management felt compelled to suspend Sales for two weeks. Young viewers picketed Channel 5. The uproar surrounding Sales' suspension increased his popularity."

Guillain Barre Muppets Exhort You To Roll Up Your Sleeve

h↑t to crytogon
Cost of the War in Iraq
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