Sunday, October 30, 2005

39% approval rating?

From Digby:

What is wrong with this country? Bush's approval rate is at 39%. True, it's the lowest ever for the Post/ABC survey but think about it. How could more than 1/3 of the people think this president, whose performance in office makes it clear that Yale was already cursed with serious grade inflation when they gave him a C+, be so clueless? Look at it this way. We just got a wonderful puppy who loves everyone; he's trusting, affectionate, and was easily housetrained. But what if I was so negligent that I let a known dog hater from the next block attack him so violently that two of his legs had to be amputated? What if I forced him through obedience training to sit, to beg, to rollover, and then as a reward, I gave all the well-fed dogs on the block delicious yummy treats while putting my puppy on a starvation diet? What if, then, on the hottest days of the year, I arranged for my dog to participate in a totally pointlesss cockfight with no end, a fight which left him bleeding, exhausted, and humiliated? What if I grabbed other dogs off the street and tortured them right in front of my dog, so they associated their pain with my dog's loving face? What if I then nearly drowned my dog in a clogged sewer, leaving him there for half a week while I joked about how I once partied hard down there, when it was an elegant cabana?

I think it's a combination of factors, the most important of which is the deliberate dumbing down of the country's population.

A local radio station which I think is typical of most is owned by Clear Channel. (
Just recently it started broadcasting Fox news, and last night was the first time I heard their switch to Fox sports for the entire early morning. If there's a more blatant instrument to keep people intellectually deaf, dumb and blind than Fox I'll be astounded. They use every propaganda trick in the book to distort reality and sway you, the viewer or listener, to deny your very existence, replacing you with a cookie cutter, fascist, cartoon-like proto human.

Lying the country into war? Little Boots is blameless. 9/11? Little Boots is our savior. Savage slaughter of innocents, Katrina, rape, torture, shredded constitution, depleted uranium poisoning, looted treasury? Only left wing hysterics.

So a third of the country says hey, Bush is doin' a bangup job and how bout them White Sox?

In the late 1700s the population of the colonies was about 1/3 Tory, 1/3 couldn't-give-a-shit and 1/3 revolutionary. We all know who prevailed. And who hung.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Can Bush survive in a post-Rove world?

Not likely.

By Mike Whitney -

The Bush persona is mainly the invention of its author, Karl Rove: a careful stitching together of religious and western imagery, of pious moralizing and cowboy “straight-talk”. Originally, Bush was nothing more than a formless glob of clay that ϋber-advisor Rove tenderly sculpted and brought to life. In many ways Bush is nothing more than the political vehicle for the aspirations, ambitions, and objectives of his constituents. He wasn’t chosen as a presidential nominee for his abilities, but for his for his willingness to follow orders and carry out the corporate agenda without question. His utter lack of curiosity about anything beyond the range of his immediate experience has proved to be a real godsend in his new assignment. In fact, Bush may be the perfect candidate: a self-absorbed malingerer who flawlessly reflects the identity of the person whispering through his hidden earpiece.
Rove is the stardust that animates the vacuous executive, the transformer that pumps a steady stream of electricity into the severed presidential cortex. He’s not so much a puppet master as he is an alter ego; a Texas Cyrano creating the illusion of sincerity, warmth and moral conviction where none exist. Simply put, he’s a magician, turning a lumpen mass of protoplasm into a fully operable world leader with moveable parts. Without the wily professor Rove behind the curtain, the Bush façade would quickly dissipate and vaporize into thin air.
The system simply doesn’t work without Rove. It goes beyond the symbiotic relationship between the two; it’s the marriage of mind and muscle. Bush likes to play dress-up, and Rove, who has a keen grasp of American folklore, is forever extracting new, iconic identities from his bag-o-tricks. One day Bush appears as a “Mission Accomplished” action figure in a shiny jumpsuit on the flight deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln, then he’s hammering man with rolled up sleeves and a contractor’s nail belt, and finally, its basic flannel for the requisite Ronald Reagan chainsaw photo-op. Whatever the occasion, our Betsy McCall president is always at the ready to slip on a costume, coif up the hairpiece, and take center stage. Rove’s job is to ensure that Bush looks presidential whether waltzing with a plastic turkey in Baghdad or gadding about in a Navy flight-jacket surrounded by Marines.
The greatest tribute to Rove is the fact that 38% of the American people still believe that Bush is running the country. This is a remarkable feat, especially since the public relations smokescreen that traditionally shelters Bush from criticism has gotten increasingly threadbare.
In the last few weeks a number of articles have pointed out that Bush is totally outside of the policy making loop in his own administration. Apparently, the Pentagon’s Office of Special Plans (OSP) and Cheney’s White House Iraq Group (WHIG) made all of the major decisions related to the upcoming war in Iraq. Bush was either too busy developing a softer look for his scripted video conferences or frolicking in the Crawford outback on his customized mountain bike. Whatever he was doing, his circumscribed role as performer-in-chief has never really been in doubt. He was enlisted to put a smiley-face on vile policies of torture, repression and war, and he has done just that.
But, now, the system is teetering from the threat of indictments. If Rove goes down, the cracks and fissures in the White House parapets will appear fairly quickly. Bush depends on his podgy confidante more than people realize. He’s the anchor that keeps the petulant president from drifting off into a post-alcoholic miasma. Without Rove, the country faces the prospect of an embattled executive left to his own devices, his jittery hands inching ever closer to the Big Red Switch.
Not a pretty picture.
The Bush administration really isn’t built on its high-minded ideology as many seem to believe. That stuff is pure mumbo jumbo. The regime rests entirely on the strengths and talents of a few key people, without whom the whole mechanism would grind to an abrupt standstill. Rove, Rumsfeld and Cheney are the indispensable cogs in the imperial jalopy. If any one of them is carted off to prison, the entire operation will unravel like a ball of yarn.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

More Than Just a Number

I've noticed a lot of derisive drivel at the various bullshit bush lover sites and wingnut blogs about the 2000 dead soldier milestone. For one thing, for dead-from-the-neck-up lowlifes to suggest that anti war people would celebrate that number in any way to further their cause or play a game of gotcha is despicably vile. That shit is all over the net and I refuse to link to examples. They should be ashamed of themselves but they have no shame.

We must understand that the official number of 2000 is a lie. There are far more dead American soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan than we are told about. The DoD has numerous ways to hide the real numbers - counting only the people who die in the field and not later is one of them. Sneaking the remains home under cover of darkness with no cameras is another. The lying fucks know that the real count of dead and wounded would be a PR disaster so it's they who are playing games with the numbers.

The real significance of the rising death toll is how it blows to smithereens all the numerous bogus positive spin milestones. "We took Baghdad, we won!" "Mission Accomplished!" "How bout them elections!" We captured Saddam, they'll quit now!" "Purple fingers, Wow!"
Fucking garbage, all of it.

The truth is that we invaded and occupied a country that was no threat to us, killing innocent people by the thousands and (some of us) persist in calling any resistance to that "terrorism".
The Iraqis will not stop fighting the occupiers.
More than 2000 is only the start.
How many more?

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Starting to see a lot of voices being raised that agree with my contention that we're close to some staged terror event. Got to get the sheep back in line! Too much dissent in the air, and damn that pesky Fitzpatrick!

For instance, here's Scott Ritter on what the cornered rats might do -

Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern -

George Galloway -

Fake terror -

If I were the government -

The meltdown that's currently underway in Washington isn't going to allow the Big Agenda to stay on course and be on time. The only thing that will fix that problem is a generous helping of what the scumbags know best, and those loud explosions are probably just around the corner. They know they need to sweep everything off the table so little boots can get to looking presidentialous again. Or, maybe this time they'll go for the sympathy angle and just get rid of their fake cowboy altogether as he's a liability anyway.
After all, his Skull and Bones knickname was "temporary".

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Real Warriors

This past wednesday, in New York City, there was a civil disobedience, conducted by " Grandmothers Against War" They are the same old ladies called "Grandmothers for Peace" prior to the launching of the War in Iraq.This courageous group of grandmothers ages 65 to 90, went to the Recruiting Office in Times Square, to enlist in the Armed Forces under the rationale that "we lived a long, prosperous life and by enlisting we can relieve some of our young soldiers from Iraq and give them a chance to live just as we lived".As they arrived to the Recruiting Office, the recruiters didn't want to enlist old ladies in the Armed Forces, so they locked the entrance door and hid behind their desks.The grandmothers rang the doorbell repeatedly, but the marines were too scared to show their faces.The old ladies thought: "if they are so scared of us, can you imagine how scared the insurgents would be in Iraq?"The recruiters don't want to face gays and grandmothers at their office. The protesters set down on the sidewalk blocking the entrance to the Recruiting Office; the hardest thing they had to do with their worn joints.Thirteen of them were arrested, jailed and booked and to the credit of Mayor Bloomberg (who is due for re-election) the cops were very nice to the grandmothers. They even help them up from the pavement, gingerly.They were released from jail after four hours. They promised to return every wednesday, until the troops come home.


Who would have thought that little boots and Colin Powell were related?

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Delay's arrest is just the start of the fireworks. When Fitzpatrick announces the indictments in the Plamegate mess, expect the white house criminals to go into overdrive with character assasinations and smeer tactics, finger pointing and lies.

But if the action gets too hot, if they seem to be losing control of the situation, there are two ugly scenarios that they're left with. One tactic is to simply fire the special prosecuter. It's not hard to imagine Alberto Gonzales doing just that under orders from Cheney. A huge PR black eye but they would hunker down and take it.
A much more likely and terrible tactic is to reach for their old standby, state sponsored terror. Another 9/11. And this event would be so catastrophic that it would sweep everything off the table forever. I've known for some time that the psycho fuckwads in power will never let go of it and are prepared to take everything down with them if pressured. I only hope they don't pull such shit but if they do, I hope anybody reading this gets prepared for any eventuality.

Monday, October 17, 2005

The World is Ending

by Edgar J. Steele

I have studied this long and hard: The world is ending...maybe as soon as tomorrow!

The conclusion is inescapable. The criminal part is that George W. Bush has known about this, yet never has he warned us that our time almost is up.

Consider all the following and see if you don't agree:

Bush continues deficit spending, not just at record levels, but at record-shattering, massive, humongous levels. The new debt incurred every day quite simply is not repayable. Now, our government wouldn't put us in that sort of situation unless they knew we never will have to repay it.

Our international trade deficit (more humongous spending, donchaknow) grows every day and, what with the deindustrialization of America through the outsourcing of jobs, there is no way it ever will decline. Obviously, the trade deficit cannot grow forever, yet our government continues to do things to make it even worse. The fact is, America has very little left to trade - very little left that the rest of the world even wants. Unless the world ends, America herself is going to go bankrupt. Bush has to know this.

The Federal Reserve System has created tons and tons of new money, again at record-shattering levels, throughout Bush's presidency and far in excess of any increase in American productivity (which actually is declining). The inflation of the money supply now has grown so large that the death of the dollar is a certainty. The only thing they haven't done is to start dropping dollars by helicopter over the countryside, which a member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors actually suggested a couple of years ago. We thought he was joking. There is no saving the dollar at this point. It is doomed. Of course, if the world comes to an end, then it won't matter.

Price inflation is raging through America, likely at the rate of 10-15%, not the 3% that the government would have us believe. Honestly, now, is there anything you bought recently that isn't at least 10% higher than just last year? And, what with the growing trade deficit and the inevitable arrival of higher interest rates due to the billowing money supply, price inflation can only get worse. Hyperinflation, as in wheelbarrows full of dollars to buy a loaf of bread...unless the world ends, of course.

The unemployment rate is skyrocketing, despite what our government tells us. What's more, there have been new annual records for personal and small business bankruptcies set, year after year, recently. Now, the other shoe is about to drop, with truly major corporations on the ropes and about to fold. Delphi, which was spun off by General Motors a few years ago, just declared bankruptcy. Delphi employs 50,000 people. How many do you suppose will be laid off as that huge parts supplier finds its business outsourced to the Far East? General Motors itself and Ford both are very near the edge, too, as are a great many other large companies.
The only thing that keeps American corporations afloat is the low rate of interest still prevailing for their bonds and bank loans (thanks to the Federal Reserve's massive and criminal expansion of the money supply). And stock prices are much higher than they should be, which helps keep companies and pension funds alive, the result of massive government rigging of American financial markets. But interest rates will have to increase, else America cannot sell more debt to finance the trade deficit and Bush's incredible deficit spending...unless the world comes to an end, of course. Bush knows all this.

The new bankruptcy laws that just went into effect will result in the effective slavery of most of America's population, who will be unable to pay their debts and unable to escape them via bankruptcy. This, alone, guarantees an overthrow of America's government, and it knows it. Since our government is unafraid to enact these bankruptcy laws, it obviously knows that there will be no day of reckoning because - you guessed it - the world is ending.

Our southern border was thrown wide open by a president who calls patriotic Minutemen trying to police it "vigilantes" and who does his best to thwart them. As a race, White Americans are vilified and held in check at every turn, even though it already is too late to head off the end of America as we once knew it. The flood of illegal immigrants is bankrupting hospitals and all other providers of social services throughout America and will, by itself, be the death of America...unless the world ends first. With the end of social services and the bankruptcy of America will come full-blown race war throughout the country. Again, Bush knows all this, yet does nothing.

Bush engineered the conversion of America from the most popular and admired country in the world to the most hated and reviled nation - even beyond Israel, a horrible little terrorist state that deserves all the condemnation heaped upon it internationally. Clearly, this could have been foreseen. A great many told Bush about it at the time. Yet, he did it anyway. For some reason, he foresees no day of reckoning with the American public.

Rather than fighting a "War on Terrorism," Bush has managed to convert millions of Muslims throughout the world into terrorists, a great many of whom literally are dying to harm Americans. Unless the world ends, Americans everywhere are doomed.

Bush illegally invaded Iraq, while America's congressmen dithered on the sidelines, using blatant lies about Al Qaeda, weapons of mass destruction and Saddam Hussein to justify it. Bush's entire Administration lied about it, too, including Powell, Cheney and Rice, just to name three. Even congressmen, like Idaho's own Butch Otter, went on the banquet circuit to promote these lies. Knowingly. Because they had to have known that something would happen to keep them from having to be held accountable.

Bush continues to murder countless hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians. The blood of our own boys and girls, sent to carry out those murders, is on Bush's head, as he well knows. He must know that something will happen to keep us from holding him accountable.

Meanwhile, at home Bush is erecting the most awesome police state the world ever has seen, via the Patriot Acts and sundry legal, procedural and policy changes. No police state ever has stood for long, as Bush must know. He must know that America's needn't last for long.

Bush just appointed a woman to the US Supreme Court who has absolutely no judicial experience whatsoever. Her prime qualification seems to be that Bush knows her personally. While America's hugely, massively, incredibly, overwhelmingly corrupt legal system is reviled throughout the world, though not in America proper, usually such an appointment carries at least the appearance of propriety. This was like Bush naming his mother to be Captain of an aircraft carrier. Clearly, Bush does not think we will have to live with the legacy of his appointment.

Bush is forcing the issue in the Middle East along Biblical lines, leading up to a literal reenactment of the Battle of Armageddon, just as described in Revelations. Literally. And, at precisely the location identified in the Bible.

Bush shares with international leaders his belief that God speaks to him and that It was God, in fact, Who instructed Bush to invade Iraq and kill all those innocent women and children. Seriously. I couldn't make something like this up. Bush hears voices and thinks that it is God telling him to kill. This is like a bad slasher movie sequel: Jason does Iraq, perhaps, or Halloween in Baghdad.

All the foregoing is why I now must conclude that the world is about to end. Real soon, too. Perhaps tomorrow.
After all, Bush did all of this knowingly. Intentionally. With malice aforethought, as they say in bad lawyer movies (Jason Does the Supreme Court?) Obviously, nobody would do any of this, let alone all of this, unless he was a complete moron. Or...if he knew the world was about to end...perhaps tomorrow.

America never would allow a complete moron to assume the Presidency. Would we? I mean...would we?

Logic alone dictates the only possible alternative: the world is ending. Maybe tomorrow.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


When are the soldiers going to wake up and see that they're nothing
but props for this filthy cabal? So support for little boots is
disappearing? Get the boys to gush at him and hoo rah for the cameras.
Eat a plastic turkey? No prob. Pretend he's still a flyboy? Pretend he
makes decisions? Pretend there's a reason to be in Iraq? Pretend
they're not going to die a miserable, wasting, slow cancerous death
from DU?

Hoo Rah.

The spinmeisters seem to always find some good natured, compliant bootlickers like the group assembled above. But at some point it's going to be damn hard to find some willing participants in these staged circus acts. Constantly screwing over the troops is going to come back and bite this criminal administration hard on the ass. Taking the military for granted will end.

The attention to it all got the DOD a little miffed -

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Continuing to divert resources from lesser needs to the all important War On Plummeting Popularity, the nation's #1 unindicted war criminal travelled to Covington, Louisiana to flail with a hammer and practice his drilling:

Image hosted by


Firedoglake makes it all too vivid concerning Plamegate -
Imagine that one day you wake up to the incessent ping of your beeper. It is still dark outside your window, and you slide out of bed, pad quietly down the hallway and try not to wake up the wife and kids, as you slip into your home office and place a call on a secure phone. You are told that your cover has been blown, that your family may be at risk. You have to make instant decisions for your own safety, that of your family, and of every asset you have in the field - and to do that, you have to prioritize which assets are more valuable and which you can afford to lose, if necessary. You have to decide then and there which of the people you cultivated, the ones you promised safety in exchange for information and cooperation, which of them may have to die because you may not have time to save them all.Why has your cover been blown? Because you work as a CIA colleague of the wife of a man who dared to question the veracity of the President of the United States on a matter of national security, a matter of an exaggerated claim that was inserted in his State of the Union address to bolster his case for war in Iraq. And the President's cronies and hatchet men decided to out this man's wife for political payback, as a lesson to anyone else who would dare to question their decisions and as a means to staunch the bleeding from this initial salvo of criticism. Damn the consequences. No consideration for all the lives interconnected in this network of agents and field assets, or the years it took to cultivate them. No thought of the impact that this betrayal by highly placed governmental officials would have down the line -- how hard it would make it to recruit human intelligence assets in the field at the very time that we need them most to gather information inside the terrorist networks that threaten us more and more each day.

Not only was the entire spook network compromised but the work they were doing was destroyed. They were working under the cover of a company called Brewster - Jennings and Associates that monitored weapons in various countries, especially areas of the former Soviet Union. They kept track of nukes and fissionable material where security is lax at best. And the people in this operation were NOC which is spook talk for "non official cover", the most valuable asset for national intelligence. That's why this is so important.

Monday, October 10, 2005

And millions pay attention

From the Australian:

10oct05 PROMINENT US TV evangelist Pat Robertson has accused Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez of giving Osama bin Laden $US1.2 million after the September 11 attacks and of trying to obtain nuclear material from Iran.Mr Robertson caused uproar in August when he called during his televised religious program for the US government to assassinate Chavez. He later was forced to apologise to the leftist leader.
But the conservative preacher issued a new denunciation of Chavez yesterday, local time, in an interview with CNN.
"The truth is, this man is setting up a Marxist-type dictatorship in Venezuela, he's trying to spread Marxism throughout South America, he's negotiating with the Iranians to get nuclear material and he also sent $US1.2 million in cash to Osama bin Laden right after 9/11," Mr Robertson said.
"I apologised and I said I will be praying for him, but one day we will be staring nuclear weapons and it won't be (Hurricane) Katrina facing New Orleans, it's going to be a Venezuelan nuke," Mr Robertson said.
"So my suggestion was, isn't it a lot cheaper sometimes to deal with these problems before you have to have a big war," he added.

But Flock Fleecer, just how do you know this?

Asked how he had obtained information on Chavez giving money to bin Laden, Robertson said: "Sources that came to me. That's what I was told."

Translation ~~ the Sky Being gave me a phone call.
A hard hitting presentation, turn up the sound -


What's up with Bono?
Personally I've never much cared for him or his music. It's sort of OK in a background, just-another-band, bumper music kind of way, but nothing timeless. But there's one thing I find incredibly offensive, and that's someone trading in on perceived celebrity for any reason. For some doofus to show up somewhere and think mere presense is somewhat glorious and should be paid attention to and rewarded handsomely is the height of pompous insanity. Bono and U2 have been shmoozing with scumbags for a good while, and causes be damned. Either he's a clueless shmuck who doesn't realize that rubbing shoulders with Condi Rice, Jesse Helms or Orrin Hatch lends credence to their shitty agendas and not his causes, or his intentions might not be so laudable. So what to make of this?

Image hosted by

Or this page at the admittedly odious Newsmax - "Bono, U2 in Fund-Raiser for Senator Rick Santorum".
"On Sunday, October 16, a truly unique political event will take place.
Teaming up with the legendary rock group U2 for a one-night only appearance will be Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Penn.).
The thousand-dollar-a-seat concert has been put together by Sean and Ana Wolfington and will take place at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia in support of Santorum’s re-election, reports NewsMax's James Hirsen"

Again, maybe cluelessness can be a factor, and if that's the case someone should break the news gently to the guy about Santorum's closest political ally:

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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Prediction - Miers will be a shoo-in

2 reasons at least. Aside from the aforementioned role for her to keep the chimp and his cohorts out of prison, she's going to be the lynchpin for the imposition of the State Religion. We all need to bone up on Southern Conservative Fundamentalism. (I don't know squat - those the snake handlers?) We all better get used to having our proof of church attendance punch cards validated.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Harriet Miers' primary qualification

Being a mob "fixer" sure can have it's bennies, as in being nominated to the supreme court. Miers has been a Bush family flunky for years, most recently as his personal attorney after Torture Boy (Gonzales) was promoted to attorney general. Nobody should kid themselves about the reason's why this woman was selected - she's the pantload's Get Out Of Jail Free card when and if the indictments are handed down for, oh, any number of villainous acts. Just the latest in a long list of incopetent flunkies the shitbag likes to place in important positions, a la the horse fluffer Brown at FEMA.

But this nomination seems to have hit a raw nerve with the long term fascist operatives. Still stunned by the Roberts elevation to chief justice, bypassing some notable sitting sycophants, the hard working brownshirts finally sense that little boots doesn't give a rat's ass about those that elevated his sorry self to power. When Ann Coulter manages to mutter bush cronyism, you know he's in trouble.

Harvey Wasserman ruminates about it at The Free Press -

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Detainees are given $25 by U.S. soldiers during a prisoner release at Abu Ghraib prison, Iraq, Saturday, Oct. 1, 2005. Clutching new Qurans and given $25 apiece, about 500 Iraqi prisoners were released from the U.S. military's Abu Ghraib jail on Saturday in a goodwill gesture ahead of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.(AP Photo/Faleh Kheiber, Pool)

Cheer up, that was fun, huh? Too bad about your kids though.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Where have we seen this before?

Dozens killed, over a hundred injured as bombs go off on a busy afternoon in a resort area in Bali. Immediately the whoring media and the vermin politicians get in front of a microphone and blame "Al Qaida"

While no evidence has emerged about who was behind Saturday's blasts in crowded restaurants packed with evening diners, Prime Minister John Howard said the "horrific attack has all the hallmarks of terrorism".

"Two of the nearly simultaneous attacks, which some investigators blamed on a group linked to al-Qaida, targeted a long row of popular seafood eateries along the white sand beach of Jimbaran." (Houston Chronicle)

"Bali Bombing Suspects Linked to al-Qaida" (Guardian UK)

As always when this sort of crap happens you have to look at who benefits. I've learned to see that when "Al Qaida" (read CIA/mossad) gets blamed for "terrorism", there's always an underlying story, probably several. The tipoff is the fuzzy reasoning. "They hate our way of life". "They need to destabalize the government".

But now there's a track record that can be looked at. A modus operandi, and the groups that benefit. For one thing, nothing helps to keep people fearful and compliant than blowing shit up. Keeping a fictitious terror group in the news is good business for those with an agenda. And money plays a good sized role in in these false flag attacks, when a designated patsy or group is immediately blamed.

Two things stood out soon after this happened. The Piglipstick investigative team notes that fuel subsidies in Indonesia were ended this month amid huge protests and widespread dissent - Funny how blowing people up tends to knock stuff like that off the front page.

And contrary to the suicide bomber myth, with breathless tales of dismemberment and blood, there's this from the - "Police later said they had found three unexploded bombs in Jimbaran. They had apparently failed to go off after the security forces hastily shut down the island’s mobile telephone network following the first blasts." Now just who has the expertise, equipment and track record of setting bombs off using mobile phones?

Just wondering.


Seen at alicublog:

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