Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ziofascist Terrorists Attack Syrian Television and Murder Seven

Rebels storm Pro-Assad Syrian TV channel

"BEIRUT, June 27 (Reuters) - Gunmen stormed a pro-government Syrian TV channel headquarters on Wednesday, bombing buildings and shooting dead three employees, state media said, in one of the boldest attacks yet on a symbol of the authoritarian state.

President Bashar al-Assad declared late on Tuesday that his country was "at war". U.S. intelligence officials said the Syrian government was "holding fairly firm" and digging in for a long struggle against rebel forces who are getting stronger.

The dawn attack on Ikhbariya television's offices, located 20 km (15 miles) south of the capital, as well as overnight fighting on the outskirts of Damascus showed 16 months of violence now rapidly encroaching on the capital."

This painstakingly edited "report" is typical ofcorrupt MSM takes on what's happening in Syria, a formerly stable and tolerant country in the middle east that has the unfortunate situation of bordering a vicious terror state with dreams of total regional hegemony. They aren't 'rebels' who are pulling off these massacres, they're mercenary thugs paid by your tax dollars to slit the throats of women and children to create enough havoc that Israel will exploit.
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