Sunday, June 24, 2012

Uruguay To Be First Government In The World To Sell Pot To The People

Uruguay considers putting government in charge of selling marijuana to take money from dealers

"MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay — Peaceful Uruguay is planning a novel approach to fighting rising crime: having its government sell marijuana to take drug profits out of the hands of dealers.

Under the plan backed by President Jose Mujica’s leftist administration, only the government would be allowed to sell marijuana and only to adults who register on a government database, letting officials keep track of their purchases over time. Profits would reportedly go toward rehabilitating drug addicts.

“It’s a fight on both fronts: against consumption and drug trafficking. We think the prohibition of some drugs is creating more problems to society than the drug itself,” Defense Minister Eleuterio Fernandez Huidobro told reporters late Wednesday.

Fernandez said the bill would soon be sent to Congress, which is dominated by Mujica’s party, but that an exact date had not been set. If approved, Uruguay’s national government would be the first in the world to directly sell marijuana to its citizens. Some local governments do so."

My guess is that it will be wildly popular and successful and will be copied by most other South American countries. Which is exactly why the corrupt and viciously criminal North Americans will never do it.


Blogger sean krajewski said...

Good for them, now only if the US and Mexico would try this we might actually fix something.

28/6/12 3:28 AM  

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