Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More Evidence Stanley Kubrick Was Deep With The In Crowd

From Kubrick's 1968's 2001: A Space Odyssey

On the space station, Dr Heywood Floyd to a Russian scientist:
"Well, how's Gregoff?"

Russian scientist:
"Oh he's fine! He's been doing some underwater research in the Baltic."

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'UFO' at the Bottom of the Baltic Sea 'Cuts Off Electrical Equipment When Divers Get Within 200m'

"The divers exploring a 'UFO-shaped' object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea say their equipment stops working when they approach within 200m.

Professional diver Stefan Hogerborn, part of the Ocean X team which is exploring the anomaly, said some of the team's cameras and the team's satellite phone would refuse to work when directly above the object, and would only work once they had sailed away.

He is quoted as saying: 'Anything electric out there – and the satellite phone as well – stopped working when we were above the object.

'And then we got away about 200 meters and it turned on again, and when we got back over the object it didn’t work.'

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