Tuesday, May 01, 2012

More Crotchbomber Theater

Another 'Terror' Plot Organized By The FBI

"A gang of anarchists arrested for allegedly plotting to blow up a Cleveland, Ohio bridge also talked about attacking an upcoming NATO summit in Chicago and this summer's Republican National Convention in Florida, according to authorities.

Douglas Wright, 26, Brandon Baxter, 20, and Anthony Hayne, 35, all self-described anarchists, have been charged with conspiracy and attempted use of explosive materials to damage physical property affecting interstate commerce. Two other men Conner Stevens, 20 and Joshua Stafford, 23 were also arrested and may face similar charges.

According to the criminal complaint, last October the men began discussing plans to knock bank signs off of buildings in Cleveland. The men allegedly discussed the idea of using smoke grenades on the Veterans Memorial Bridge in Cleveland to create a diversion while they carried out their plan to topple the bank signs.

Wright, the alleged ringleader, also allegedly discussed trying to recruit homeless people from shelters to carry out his plans to attack symbols of corporate and financial institutions.

The men were identified after a paid FBI informant alerted the FBI to their alleged plans to target the Brecksville-Northfield High Level Bridge on Route 82, which spans the Cuyahoga River south of Cleveland.

According to the complaint, the FBI informant recorded numerous conversations with Wright in which he discussed the need to obtain explosive devices or make them using the book "The Anarchist Cookbook."

Brandon Baxter allegedly told the informant that destroying a bridge would cause great financial harm.

"Taking out a Bridge in the business district would cost the … corporate big wigs a lot of money," Baxter allegedly said.

Wright and Baxter also discussed trying to blow up the Federal Reserve Bank in Cleveland, as well as attacking a new casino in the city, a NATO summit in Chicago and the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, according to the complaint.

(Here's the key information that you'll ALWAYS find in these idiotic stories)

The FBI said they used the informant to facilitate the men getting C4 explosives that they would use to target the bridge."

Of course following the tired 9/11 playbook of powder in the mail.
I would expect a replay of the sick beltway sniper murders at this point, to paint all dissidents with a big bad brush, as the push to demonize fed up americans continues.



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