Monday, April 30, 2012

Poser Cop Gets Slapped

Speeding Miami Cop Clocked Going Over 100 MPH 114 Times Gets 100 Hours Community Service

"The Miami Police officer who was arrested for reckless driving by a Florida Highway Patrol trooper after he was spotted driving 120 mph on the Turnpike was in court Thursday where he pleaded no contest.

Officer Fausto Lopez will have to complete 100 hours of community service and pay $3,300 for the cost of prosecution, Broward Judge Melinda Brown ruled.

Lopez immediately handed over a check and if he completes the community service within six months, nothing will appear on his record.

During Thursday's hearing, prosecutors said Lopez breached the public's trust and was even seen speeding again after he was charged. Prosecutors also discussed an investigation by the Sun-Sentinel that revealed SunPass records which showed Lopez had been clocked at speeds above 100 mph 114 times in the year before the FHP stop."

Cop stopped by cop, that's pretty rich. Most of the time the fuckers are speeding where they never should be doing so, on congested streets and too many times they really screw the pooch.
However I have to say that I myself wanted to cut loose but never did it in a way that threatened anyone.
Several years ago I owned a Mini Cooper S.
Savvy car aficionados will know that little auto is capable of unreal capabilities. I proved that in back roads all over the NW, taking the car to the limit as far as it's handling was concerned.
But there was one time that I wanted to know it's top speed.
You must understand that that car had a 6 gear transmission and loved to be wound up. Really high RPM was where it shined, getting up to 90 MPH in third gear was just fine.
I was on highway 5 on a long straight stretch with no traffic for miles ahead of me and for miles behind me so I cut it loose.
You must know that the BMW manufactured Coopers are built like tanks and high speeds are like much lower speeds in any other car, but 140 MPH was when I freaked out.

"She'll do 140 in the top end floored"
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