Friday, May 11, 2012

Diversions While The Elections Are Being Stolen Yet Again

Federal Elected Democrats had training on how TO make Race an Issue this Election. They are to "Call negative comments as 'Racist'"

"When you think you have heard it all in what this government is doing, you get shocked at something else. I do anyway.

It seems the Federally Elected House Democrats have had training in how to make "Race an Issue". They are also to call someone a "Racist" for negative comments about Obama and any thing to do with welfare and food stamps.

I am so completely disgusted with all of this! I would like to know what happened to "bringing people together?"

This is beyond bizarre. This is purposely trying to start Race Wars! They are going to purposely try and incite violence!

That was obvious with that Treyvon matter, or what ever that kids name was. I never paid attention to it at all. I knew it was a division tactic. It was so obvious, especially when Obama said "Would look like his son."

I believe that is when every single person should have seen Obama for what he is.

Now the Democrats are getting formal training on how to make race an issue.

They will seriously work to completely leave this country in tatters? They don't think the country has enough issues as it is? They think they need to ratchet up the race more? They want race riots? They want more people killed over race? Seriously!

This is NOT MY Country! My Country would not purposely tear itself apart and try and divide the people in every way possible! The divisions in this country are all ready deep. The media works hard on keeping the "left and right" divided.

How sorry this government is. They have absolutely no morals at all and that means every one of those people that are in the Federal government."


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