Wednesday, May 09, 2012

These "Operations Enduring Enemies" Work Like A Charm

Creating pissed off adversaries has always been a surefire strategy to justify an endless occupation, in this case to oversee the heroin.
Too bad about your son's limbs.

Al-Qaeda leader: Avenge Quran burning in Afghanistan

"Ayman al-Zawahri posted an audio on a militant website on Wednesday.

He called on Muslims to avenge the burning by fighting "those aggressors who occupied your countries, stole your wealth and violated your sanctities."

The recording was released by Al-Sahab, al-Qaeda's media arm, and reported by the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors militant messages.

The U.S. apologized, saying the Islamic texts were mistakenly sent to a garbage burn pit. Deadly protests raged in Afghanistan for six days afterward.

Al-Zawahri said the Americans and their allies commit crimes and then pretend to be sorry. He called that a "silly farce."

And if you haven't got enough bogeymen, train 'em.

Source: Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula training up to 10 bomb makers to supplement work of explosives master al-Asiri


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