Friday, May 11, 2012

Let's All Focus On Gay

While more wars rage, the economy crashes and burns, and Fukashima may destroy the entire northern hemisphere.
Meanwhile, eat the gulf Corexit shrimp and don't look up at the chemtrails.
Men loving men is of highest priority.
As soon as I saw Obama's same sex business, I smelled a rat because it's way down on the list of issues to be dealt with. Then a revelation about Mitt's torture.
Don't you just love politicians?

Today's the Worst Day for Mitt Romney's High School Bullying Story to Come Out

"What would be the worst possible news for Mitt Romney to have to deal with the day after President Obama announced he supports gay marriage? Romney's already had a gay staffer resign because social conservatives were outraged he'd hire an openly gay person. And having a hypothetical family member come out as gay would probably help him seem more compassionate. But one thing that might project an image Romney really wants to avoid -- heartless outmoded anti-gay conservative -- would be a long profile in The Washington Post about how he bullied a gay kid in high school. At the exact moment Romney doesn't want to talk about gay stuff, the Post's Jason Horowitz reports Romney led a gang of boys who singled out a gay kid, held him down while he cried, and cut off the kid's offensively un-hetero hair. No one ever likes a bully, but it's really a bad time to be an anti-gay bully. (Update: Romney apologized Thursday morning for high school pranks that went too far.)"


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