Saturday, May 05, 2012

Ask People Again Why They Drink So Much


Anonymous greencrow said...

Hi Nolo:

The solution to Fukushima Diachi seems so low tech and so it is:

1. Build a railway from the disaster site to a remote dumping site in Japan where they can dig a very big, deep hole and line it with lead.

2. Get specially prepared large containment rail cars and line them with lead. Leave the tops open but prepare lead tops for each car.

3. Load train after train with the remnants of all the nuclear reactors by means of robot controlled cranes, helicopter droping ropes and other remote distance construction apparatus...hey they can fly drones into buildings, can't they?

4. As each lead lined containment car is filled, put the lead lined lid on it and seal it closed...transport to dumping site

5. Bury the containment cars and fill in the hole. line the top of the hole with lead.

6. Plan for eventually moving the stuff to an even safer place.

Why they didn't start this process as soon as the disaster happened? Well, figuring out the hard part!


6/5/12 3:00 PM  

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