Thursday, May 03, 2012

Embellishing The Osama/Al Qaeda Mythology

Just like the heroic flight 93 fairy tale. They make it up as they go along.

Osama bin Laden's last words show dark days for al Qaeda

"(CBS/AP) WASHINGTON - In letters from his last hideout, Osama bin Laden fretted about dysfunction in his terrorist network and crumbling trust from Muslims he wished to incite against their government and the West.

A selection of documents seized in last year's raid on bin Laden's Pakistan house was posted online Thursday by the U.S. Army's Combating Terrorism Center. The documents show dark days for al Qaeda and its hunkered-down leader after years of attacks by the United States and what bin Laden saw as bumbling within his own organization and its terrorist allies.

"I plan to release a statement that we are starting a new phase to correct (the mistakes) we made," bin Laden wrote in 2010. "In doing so, we shall reclaim, God willing, the trust of a large segment of those who lost their trust in the jihadis."

Read the full Combating Terrorism Center report here

However, the documents showed bin Laden's waning sway in the final years of his leadership.

"Far from being in control of the operational side of regional jihadi groups, the tone in several letters authored by Bin Ladin makes it clear that he was struggling to exercise even a minimal influence over them," the report said.

Until the end, bin Laden remained focused on attacking Americans and coming up with plots, however improbable, to kill U.S. leaders. He wished especially to target airplanes carrying Gen. David Petraeus and even President Barack Obama, reasoning that an assassination would elevate an "utterly unprepared" Vice President Joe Biden into the presidency and plunge the U.S. into crisis."

Even more - Al-Qaida kidnapped Iranian envoy in bid to free bin Laden kin, colleagues

Say what?

Bin Laden died in 2001.
The fake bin Ladens kept coming for years, courtesy of Qatar's Al Jezeera fronting for the largest american military base in the middle east.
When empire deemed the Bin Laden ruse had run it's course they staged a fake murder last year.
Because now they're going to tell us the main terror threat is going to be american citizenry.


Blogger Anon said...

The letters are very detailed and very fake.

Think of the huge effort put into composing these fake letters!

- Aangirfan

3/5/12 1:14 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Aangirfan, I've been happy for quite a while that you've been around.

What they've done with this OBL crock is build lie upon lie so that there's nothing else to do but lie any longer, because if anybody told the truth even once, the whole house of cards would collapse.

3/5/12 4:38 PM  

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