Friday, May 04, 2012

Latest "Terror Plot" Cooked Up By The FBI Gets Even More Bizarre

Most of the patsies have mental problems and the informant/coordinator has a criminal history with several pending cases.

FBI Exploited Mental Illness in Latest Fake Terror Case

"Police and court records reveal that three of the five suspects entrapped and arrested by the FBI in a supposed plot to blow up a bridge in Ohio suffer from mental health problems, according to a report posted today by the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

One of the suspects, Brandon Baxter, was talked out of committing suicide in February. A week later he joined the plot arranged by an FBI informant.

“Really, from everything I know, this is not something Brandon would think up on his own,” said John Pyle, an attorney representing the disturbed 20 year old.

Pyle has questioned the role of an FBI “Confidential Human Source” in the case. “We need to … put the case under a microscope,” Pyle told the Los Angeles Times. “But just on the basis on the filing in the court, there’s some indicators that this informant was playing a really active role.”

Baxter’s lawyer revealed the identity of the “informer” who acted as a provocateur. Shaquille Azir is a convicted felon accused of passing bad checks. He has worked for the FBI since July of last year. It was Azir who arranged the purchase of inert C-4 explosive from an undercover FBI agent and also fronted money to buy the material the mentally disturbed “anarchists” believed was real explosive.

“The FBI source – who has been paid ‘$5750 for services and $550 for expenses’ – has prior convictions for cocaine possession (1990), robbery (1991), and four convictions for passing bad checks between 1991 and 2011, according to the bombing complaint. No mention is made, however, of Azir’s two pending criminal cases,” reports The Smoking Gun.

Azir, aka Kelvin Jackson, has a lengthy criminal record that also includes grand theft, tampering with records, and aggravated theft."


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