Thursday, March 22, 2012

Possibly All You Need To Know To Understand Those French Shootings

Sarkozy's first-round poll lead in French election widens after shootings

"PARIS -- French president Nicolas Sarkozy gained on his Socialist rival Francois Hollande and widened his poll lead for the first round of voting in next month's presidential election, an opinion poll released Thursday showed.

Sarkozy's surge in popularity follows his handling of the crisis in the southwestern city of Toulouse, where al Qaeda-linked gunman Mohammed Merah had been under siege after claiming the lives of three paratroopers, three children and a rabbi in three shooting incidents over the past 11 days.

Merah was killed in a shootout with police at his apartment Thursday.

A CSA survey showed that Sarkozy -- who is seeking a second five-year term as president -- would get 30 percent of the vote if ballots were cast Thursday.

Hollande trailed Sarkozy by two percent at 28 percent, the poll showed."

Something smelled about the whole ordeal from the very start, before we were even given the suspected perp's name.
After the chief potential political rival to Sarkozy was conveniently removed last year, how politically wonderful it was lately to have a 24/7 MSM crisis where Sarko could preen for the cameras and look all presidential? When the alleged shooter is named Mohamed?
Remember the bullshit Beltway Sniper saga from 2002 supposedly blaming, drum roll please, John Allen Muhammad?

And this has been so obvious for so long that it hardly needs repeating, but I'll do it anyway. The "Al Queda" organization has been shown over and over again to be a CIA/Mossad front brand name, in that whenever corrupt MSM mentions it, bet the farm it's a spook propaganda operation to yank unsuspecting mouthbreather chains.


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