Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stupid Xtian Pols Fooling Far Fewer

Women Continue To Fill Rick Perry's Facebook Wall With Mock Questions

"Here's the first of more than 5,600 comments we saw this morning when we went to Texas Gov. Rick Perry's Facebook page and opened up a post on his wall thanking those who supported his bid for the Republican presidential nomination:

"Governor Perry, I am experiencing mid-cycle cramping. Is this a punishment from god for not getting pregnant this month?"

That question seems to have since disappeared, but the message gives you a sense of what's been happening for several days on Perry's Facebook wall. As The Washington Post's She The People blog says, many women are "facetiously seeking advice on their menstrual periods" from the governor, "since he's styled himself as an expert on women's health."

And it's an organized protest over Perry's desire to cut government funds that go to Planned Parenthood."

Run Santorum, Run.


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