Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Backdoor Attack On The Second Amendment

The fascists are going balls to the wall eviscerating the Constitution, but there's that sticky gun thing that they've had a tough time dealing with.

Endless wars, trillions to banksters, torture, indefinite detention, all that illegal bullshit they could force on the american people, that was pretty much a piece of cake, but take your guns, that was going to be a big problem. So for a number of years now their strategy was going to be to attack the ammunition supply. After all, firearms without cartridges to feed them are useless.

Starting about four years ago supplies ran dry and since then prices have more than doubled. The feds are buying up everything they can get their hands on as they continue their preparation for total war on the american people. They know that a frontal assault on citizen gun ownership is like goosestepping down main street with a Sieg Heil salute, so the best way to weaken the people's ability to resist totalitarianism is to cut off their ability to feed their weapons, and pass idiot laws illegally restricting ownership.

I like Lone Star Watchdog, but I've refrained from linking to the site because the guys there just can't seem to write english well enough. This is a pretty interesting blog entry though:

All Ammunition Sales Could be Cut Off in the Name of National Defense Resource Preparedness?

I agree on one point - all armed citizens should stock up on ammunition as much as possible as soon as possible. But I disagree on another - reloading cartridges is a loser's game at this point unless you're fashioning some specific ammo for specific purposes. Years ago it used to be cost effective to load your own, believe me I loaded tens of thousands of rounds, now it's cheaper to buy factory ammo than to reload. Look for deals, buy in bulk, buy it now. The fascists are about to close the door on your ability to do so.


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