Tuesday, March 06, 2012


For 25 years up in the northwest I worked in the Xmas tree business with a lot of the time being outside doing manual labor. Wearing a headphone radio helped pass the time. Some of the tree fields were remote so there weren't many stations one could pick up, but there was always a strong AM signal that inevitably carried Rush Limbaugh. So that's what I listened to, day after day from when when he first started syndication in 1988. I know Rush Limbaugh.

Pigboy caught the eye of Roger Ailes after the Fairness Doctrine was repealed because because it was the advent of a no-holds-barred fascist takeover of media. They were looking for a personality that satisfied several crucial criteria. He (and it had to be a male) had to readily whore himself for fame and money and parrot what handlers would tell him to yack about. He needed to be well versed in radio. He needed the ability to not care about being a lightning rod. But the most critical skill was to not give a shit what he spewed into the microphone and just let a sort of stream of consciousness take over, for hours, innately knowing his jabber would suit his handlers. If he said a few too-stupid-to-overlook things or got busted traveling to Central America to fuck little boys, well, certain powerful entities would smooth things over.

Whether it was initially intended or not one of Pigboy's main purposes became a counterpoint to less controversial and less overt but fascist personalities. Take a look at the repug candidates' reaction to Limbacile's slut rant. They can slightly distance themselves but you can bet the farm they feel exactly the same way and want to appear oh so moderate in comparison. The other main purpose of Rush's execrable media performance is to divert attention from massively important issues like war, authoritarianism or economic meltdown, and lead you to pay attention to minutia like sexual slander. Rather than feeling that this current controversy is damaging, the soulless manipulators feel triumphant because Jumbocile was earning his big bucks.

added - Slutboy losing ever more advertisers

Gingrich campaign fully supports Slutboy


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