Monday, March 05, 2012

Believe The Opposite Of What You're Told And You're Much Closer To The Truth

Putin Wins Presidential Election Despite US Govt. and Western Media Interference

"Let's face it, most people don't have the time, energy or inclination to try to separate truth from lies in our world today. The ability to do so is, however, crucial for many reasons. For over ten years, we here at have been analysing and writing on what passes for the 'news' and we've come to a conclusion that may be of help to those who can't, or won't, do their own digging for the truth.

The conclusion is that you can, with a reasonable degree of certainty, assume that the truth about any major political event can be found more or less 180 degrees from what politicians or the media (especially US and European politicians and media) claim. Try it out. To do this, you have to do it consciously. So take any current major political news item in the media and, in your mind, flip it 180 degrees. When reading the headline or summary of a news item, simply reverse the statement that it makes. I can assure you that this 180 version will be a lot closer to the truth.

Take for example Vladimir Putin's recent election victory. Check the headlines from major Western 'news' corporations and you'll see that they all smear, subtly and not so subtly, Putin's win with allegations of 'corruption'. Rupert Murdoch's Sky News went so far as to put 'scare quotes' around the words 'wins election'. Virtually all other media outlets carried the same disparaging headline in one form or another, which is not surprising since there are about 3 or 4 actual Western 'news' agencies that report on events and then simply share the information with their subsidiaries. In this case, our 180 degree approach works rather well.

For example, in the Sky 'news' article, it is noted that Russian exit polls more or less coincided with the actual count, which would appear to give Putin's election significantly more validation than George 'Dubya' Bush's election 'victories', where both exit polls and the final tally appeared to have been the subject of massive fraud.

Indeed, earlier today, that same Sky 'news' article, which now has the title 'Putin 'Wins Election' Amid Fraud Claims' had a different title that was very quickly changed:

With exit polls that tally with a final vote count, it's hard to claim 'fraud' unless, of course, you can claim that the exit polls were manipulated, which doesn't seem to be the case, so, the only alternative is to bury the exit poll data where no one will see it, or just don't mention it at all, which is what most 'news' outlets have done.

As for the allegations of 'carousel voting' (where people cast more than one vote in different stations), these come from a US government-funded 'NGO' called GOLOS, which is controlled by the CIA front organisations USAID and the 'National Endowment for Democracy' which claims to be "supporting freedom around the world". That's the kind of freedom that often requires the death of a million civilians before it can take hold, like 'operation Iraqi freedom' for example."



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