Monday, March 05, 2012

Gareth Porter: Delhi Bombing Was Not An Iranian Revenge Operation

It Was An Israeli False Flag Operation

"Listen to Gareth Porter's interview with Scott Horton of Radio. And read Porter's article, "Who Was Behind the Delhi Bombing?"
Gareth Porter gives four clues that the bombers had no intentions of injuring or killing the passengers of the Israeli diplomatic car, but merely to cause an international ruckus to serve as war propaganda against Iran and try to split India and Iran, who have strong economic ties. The four clues:
  1. The size of the bomb was very small, around 200 grams. In real terrorist bombings, the bombs pack a huge punch and are made to kill victims. This bomb was not like that.
  2. There was no shrapnel in the bomb. Usually, there are nails or glass to pierce the body of the victims and amplify the damage of the blast.
  3. The placement of the bomb was not beside the passenger door, or under the fuel tank. Rather, it was at the back of the car, far away from the passengers who were traveling in a long diplomatic car. In other words, there was ample space between the bomb and the passengers. If the bomber wanted to seriously harm and/or kill the Israeli passengers, then why didn't he put the bomb closer to them, or under the fuel tank?
  4. After placing the bomb on the back of the diplomatic car, it took 30 seconds to go off. In real case of terrorist bombings, the duration between placement of the bomb and the explosion is 5-10 seconds.
Listen to Porter's full interview with Horton to get a fuller picture of this story. Porter said he talked with a U.S. intelligence official who confirmed his analysis that the bombing was not a revenge attack by Iran.

An excerpt from Gareth Porter's article:
"We may never be able to establish with certainty what happened in Delhi, Bangkok, and Tbilisi earlier this month, but the evidence that has come to light thus far doesn’t support the widely accepted notion that Iran and Hezbollah were behind it. That evidence is consistent, however, with a clever Israeli "false flag" car bombing operation that would not injure the passenger but would serve its broader strategic interests: dividing India from Iran and pushing US public opinion further towards support for war against Iran."


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