Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Inevitable And Intended Result Of NWO Balkanization

Ethnic Killings Fray Unity Marking Birth of South Sudan

"PIBOR, South Sudan — The trail of corpses begins about 300 yards from the corrugated metal gate of the United Nations compound and stretches for miles into to the bush.

There’s an old man on his back, a young woman with her legs splayed, skirt bunched up around the hips, and a whole family — man, woman, two children — all face down in the swamp grass, executed together. How many hundreds are scattered across the savannah, nobody really knows.

South Sudan, born six months ago in great jubilation, is plunging into a vortex of violence. Bitter ethnic tensions that had largely been shelved for the sake of achieving independence have ruptured into a cycle of massacre and revenge that neither the American-backed government nor the United Nations has been able to stop.

The United States and other Western countries have invested billions of dollars in South Sudan, hoping it would overcome its deeply etched history of poverty, violence and ethnic fault lines to emerge as a stable, Western-friendly nation in a volatile region. Instead, heavily armed militias the size of small armies are now marching on villages and towns with impunity, sometimes with blatantly genocidal intent."

Of course the NYT and other rags will try to paint the US in a helpful white hat while never mentioning Israel, but this nation fragmentation is exactly what the zionists want. Ethnic and religious strife is part of the divide and conquer campaign of all vulnerable countries in North Africa and the Middle East all the way into South Asia. Ziofascists couldn't care less about the populations in the targeted nations, all they want is room for Lebensraum, or Eretz Israel, with no viable opposition.

Israel Firster Frothy Mixture, typical proponent of the above
- “All the people that live in the West Bank are Israelis. They are not Palestinians. There is no Palestinian. This is Israeli land.”

Israeli "scholar" urges ethnic cleansing of Bedouins


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