Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beatified Saint Eulogized

Thousands Attend Funeral of Utah Police Officer

"Thousands of uniformed police officers stood and saluted Wednesday as the flag-draped casket of a Utah officer killed in a gunbattle was wheeled into a university arena.

The vast majority of the 4,000 people in attendance were officers who traveled to Weber State University to honor Ogden police officer Jared Francom, who died last week in a shootout that left five other officers and a suspected pot-grower wounded.

The 30-year-old was with nearly a dozen others from the Weber-Morgan Narcotics Task Force trying to serve a search warrant when the shooting broke out on Jan. 4.

Francom loved his job so much that he found it hard to take a night off, said Shane Keyes, a strike force colleague. When he did, Francom checked in with team members by phone and text to see if they were safe and if he was missing a big or exciting case.

"That saying — 'a cop's cop' — that was made for a guy like Jared," Keyes told mourners."

And much more gushing about how this cop on a bullshit home invasion for growing plants was a paragon of virtue who should be added to Mount Rushmore.

Fascism needs to glorify the state and it's minions beyond all proportions to justify itself. The reality that this guy in Utah succeeded in trying to defend himself from a uniformed armed mob absolutely has to be crushed in the court of public opinion. Any resistance to the state consistently is vilified and dead official pawns are given the star treatment, all for propaganda. Think this is a spontaneous outpouring of sympathy? The article goes on to say this:

"Among the mourners were Chicago police Sgt. Matt Swain and patrolman Tom O'Shaughnessy, who arrived in Ogden on Tuesday. The pair belongs to the nonprofit Brotherhood for the Fallen, which sends officers to funerals nationwide when police die in the line of duty."

So it all begs the question - who pays for this? The overtime, the travel and accommodation expenses, the fanfare and pomp. Well we eventually do, because as serfs we're supposed to lick our chains and venerate our masters and their flunkies and pay for public relations to keep us enslaved to their fascist ideal.

Look, it's a shame that a cop gets killed, but it's more of a fucking shame that our overlords feel the need to send their stooges to bust down doors for growing some vegetation.

This eulogizing the useful idiots was exemplified in 1993 when ATF agents met unexpected resistance when they stormed the Branch Davidian church in Waco. There was a long siege that culminated in the government slaughtering some 80 men, women and children. During that time a production facility went into overdrive to produce a fictional propaganda TV special about the event that aired literally days after the sect was burned alive and shot. Despite the absolute fact that the ATF wanted to have a boffo raid, caught on video, for funding purposes, the public relations television program vilified the victims and turned the dead invading agents into heroes.
The only way this could happened was for the propaganda effort to have started right after the initial raid and they waited to spin the culminating slaughter.
It's the way they do things to keep us believing their lies.


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