Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So Who Are The Murderers, The Real Terrorists?

Iran car explosion 'kills nuclear scientist' in Tehran

"A university lecturer and nuclear scientist has been killed in a car explosion in north Tehran, reports say.

Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan, an academic who also worked at the Natanz uranium enrichment facility, and another unidentified person were killed in the attack.

The blast happened after a motorcyclist stuck an apparent bomb to the car.

Several Iranian nuclear scientists have been assassinated in recent years, with Iran blaming Israel and the US."

A similar bomb explosion exactly two years ago -- Jan. 12, 2010 -- killed Tehran University professor Masoud Ali Mohammadi, a senior physics professor. He was killed when a bomb-rigged motorcycle exploded near his car as he was about to leave for work.

11/2010 - Iran Bomb Blast Kills Nuclear Scientist Majid Shahriari In Tehran

"TEHRAN, Iran — Iran's president accused Israel and the West of being behind a pair of daring bomb attacks that killed one nuclear scientist and wounded another in their cars on the streets of Tehran on Monday. He also admitted for the first time that a computer worm had affected centrifuges in Iran's uranium enrichment program."

7/2011 - Darioush Rezaeinejad was an Iranian shot dead in east Tehran by gunmen in July 2011 while he and his wife waited for their child outside a kindergarten. At the time of his killing he was described by officials as a "nuclear scientist" and an academic associated with Iran's atomic activities,

5/2006 - Mossad murdered 530 Iraqi scientists. The Plight of Iraqi Academics


Blogger sean krajewski said...

Mossad is my guess.

12/1/12 6:48 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

I believe your guess is right on the money sean, and Iran has had enough of it.

12/1/12 11:42 AM  

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