Thursday, December 08, 2011

When The Lockheed Martin Manchurian Candidate Twittered His Big Announcement

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"After agonizing months of Republican bread and circus Presidential debates, the Illuminati have spoken.

With Occupy chaos engulfing the streets of America and with a dressed down Uncle Herman and a dressed up Donald Trump in tow, the banksters have thrown their weight squarely behind Lockheed Martin Manchurian candidate Newt Gingrich."


Blogger Nobody said...

I don't think so. Mitt Romney would be my guess simply because he is being scoffed at and kept under the radar. Meanwhile we are bombarded by the mindless rhetoric of a bunch of republican candidates that clearly know very little about global politics. As the time draws towards the end and the last remaining stooges embarrass themselves off the campaign trail, along will come calm and collected Mitt Romney, one of the few to not come off as a complete dunce the whole time and therefore default as the least of all evils for the GOP nomination.

8/12/11 7:47 AM  

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