Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Disgraced Pudgy Politician That MSM Claims Is Most Popular

Gingrich and Trump Announce Plan to Put Poor Kids to Work

"In a win for those in favor of child labor, Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has announced that business mogul Donald Trump will employ at least 10 poor children as "apprentices."

On Monday, Gingrich became fifth GOP candidate to meet with Trump ahead of a Newsmax debate hosted by the notorious birther.

"As a number of you know, I've been making the case that we need work very hard to help poor children in poor neighborhoods acquire the opportunity to work," Gingrich said at a press conference with Trump."

Newt Gingrich Has Never Worked a Day in His Life

"Newt Gingrich, launching his campaign to put Dickens back in Christmas, used a curious phrase to express his demand that poor kids clean toilets: They need to learn the “dignity of work”.

Which led us to wonder: Has Newt ever worked?

And by “work”, we mean — well, the metaphorical equivalent of cleaning toilets. You know: A job. Like most people have. And most people hate.

By the standard most folks understand, Newt certainly hasn’t worked since November 1998, when he quit Congress after blowing the midterm election. He’s certainly been scheming, but he hasn’t been working.

For that matter, holding a Congressional seat certainly isn’t a job. If you care to dispute that, ask how many votes congresscritters can skip before getting fired. And ask how many Republicans would claim it as honest work. Never mind dignified.

And since Newt held that seat since 1979, that’s at least three decades that he hasn’t worked."

Sucking taxpayer money at the public trough and and influence peddling is not work.


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