Monday, December 05, 2011

For Those Who Still Don't Understand Al Qaeda = CIA

U.S. Journalist denounces spy agency activity in Syria

"Western countries are doing everything possible to disrupt civil peace in Syria, denounced the writer and American journalist, Webster Tarpley (Vermelho,. Voltaire) in Damascus, the Syrian capital to TV RT (Russia Today). According to him, Syrian civilians have to deal daily with death squads and blind terrorism, which is typical of covert actions of sabotage and destabilization used by the CIA.

Photo: The U.S. ambassador to Syria, Robert S. Ford (left) is, according to reliable sources, the key official of the U.S. State Department which has been responsible for the recruitment of Arab terrorists to create “death squads,” usually with activists from Al-Qaeda (the funded organization of the CIA) for these same units as in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Chechnya, to fight now against the Syrian army and police in Syria and to create a civil war in this country."

NATO Victory: Al Qaeda Terrorist Flag Now Flies In Benghazi

"Where once the Green Flag of Free, Democratic Libya fluttered in the breeze, NATO-Supported Al Queda Terrorists now hoist the Al Qaeda flag in Benghazi:

"In 2008, a former Pakistani Army Chief, retired General Mirza Aslam Baig, not only reaffirmed that the Americans were supporting the Jundallah, but that the Jundallah was linked to al-Qaeda. This charge is nothing new. Tariq Jamil, chief of the Karachi police, said the exact same thing back in 2004 when the Jundallah was planting bombs in Pakistan and trying to kill Americans.
Put another way, the U.S. is using al-Qaeda to attack Iran."

"That the U.S. would support al-Qaeda in terrorist atrocities runs wholly counter to impressions created by the U.S. media. Yet this on-going unholy alliance resurrects and builds on the alliance underlying Zbigniew Brzezinski's 1978-79 strategy of provocation in Afghanistan, at a time when he was President Carter's National Security Adviser."


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