Saturday, December 31, 2011

More Propaganda Before Paul Gets Robbed In Iowa

Polls give insights into what people are thinking and why, but don’t predict how they’ll vote

I'm not supporting any candidate from any party in any election. I don't vote because the entire process is completely corrupted, vote counts are manufactured taint and the proper gladhanders are installed to further the fascist agenda, on the national level. I'm not fooled and neither should anyone else be. Theater of the absurd.

That being said, this whole Ron Paul phenomenon should be watched closely. This man has run before and has been savaged every time by banksters, corporations and especially Israel firsters, but this time the public has started to awaken. His unwavering positions on stopping the wars and ending the vicious theft in the suites of the high and mighty have really rattled our overlords' nerves. They absolutely hate his guts for being the only republican candidate to genuinely want to rock the boat and change things, unlike the bought and paid for whores who stand next to him at debates.

Paul's support is massive. Democrats and independents are backing this republican. Defections abound. Real polls put him with a favorable percentage that eclipses all the other candidates put together. But CIA riddled MSM news outlets have gotten their marching orders to pretend a different reality that everything is much tighter. The Iowa caucus doesn't mean squat because it has no bearing on the republican convention, but it's of enormous importance in the court of public opinion. The fascists cannot allow the sheep to understand the deep support for this man. Because Ron Paul is such a threat to entrenched power I'm going out on a limb to say they'll announce someone else as the winner, conveniently arranged because the rethugs are counting the votes in private. In essence, fascists will choose their favored stooges, democrat or republican.

People should understand exactly what this means, if it happens. I don't care what party you favor or even if you're just a disinterested observer. Again, if it happens, it'll be the most flagrant proof that that our governmental system has been hijacked and it's all a lie. Those decrees handed down from above, those uniformed thugs, the wars, the taxes, are all illegitimate.

It'll mean moneyed power control our lives and there's not a chance in hell we can ever do anything about it. So they think.


Anonymous greencrow said...

Hey Nolo:

What about if there's a sudden Hurricane in Iowa, disrupting the vote...or a Tornado...or an earthquake...or a Tsunami!

That's the ticket...all the polling stations are suddenly wiped out by a Tsunami!


31/12/11 4:39 PM  
Anonymous greencrow said...

Speaking of "natural" events caused by man...Nolo, did you ever read the transcript of this speach given in 1999 by a French Canadian, Serge Monast,who suddenly died of a "heart attack"...after predicting that earthquakes...etc., including heart attacks, have been weaponized?

very strange stuff.


31/12/11 4:43 PM  

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