Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pre Blaming The Weather For A Rigged Iowa Vote

Iowa’s Weather Could Make Tougher Paul’s Quest for Caucus Win

"Dec. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Unseasonably warm and dry weather forecast in Iowa for the state’s presidential caucuses could be one of Ron Paul’s worst enemies.

The best scenario for his Republican presidential bid would be a blizzard in Iowa on Jan. 3, when voting at 1,774 precinct caucuses officially starts the party’s nominating process, political experts say. That’s because supporters of the Texas congressman are so committed they’ll turn out whatever the conditions, while other candidates appear to have more fair- weather backers."

Can the desperation be any more apparent?


Anonymous greencrow said... don't want them to have to KILL Ron Paul, now do you? That would be incredibly messy...and remind people of some very unpleasant historical precedents...a real DoWNER...right? Don't get your knickers in a knot...they're just trying to be KIND to Americans.


31/12/11 10:36 AM  

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