Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gimme A G!

There Comes The G Word Again

"It is the Genocide Season-Bring on the Invasion!

(BFP) – I’ve been waiting; waiting for the ‘G’ word on Syria, and here it is, arriving right on time, as expected:

Arab League Observer: Assad Committing Genocide in Syria

A member of the Arab League observer team in Damascus told Al Arabiya broadcaster Monday that “what’s happening in Syria is genocide.””This is a regime is taking revenge on its people,” Mostashar Mahgoub told the channel by telephone."

There's genocide and then there's Genocide. Small case g means acceptable mass murder as in the machete butchery of hundreds of thousands in Rwanda or the slaughter of a million plus by the US in Iraq. This flies under the radar and is given little play in MSM.
Large case Genocide is boffo newsworthy propaganda that's pounded into us every day and satisfies and justifies empire's ambitions to smash/invade/murder whatever country it sees fit to obliterate as in Serbia in 1999, Libya this past year and Iraq in the following video from the bullshit leading up to Operation Desert Storm. No doubt Iran will be committing Genocide next.


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