Sunday, November 06, 2011

How Bad Is It?

1/6 of this country is now dirt poor, and you know corrupt MSM is downplaying much worse.
Where I live people are moving out, where they're going is anyone's guess.

One in 15 Americans now officially living in poverty as number receiving food stamps rises 8.1% in a year

"Shocking figures revealed today that one in 15 people in America is now living in poverty.

The number - a record high - is spread widely across metropolitan areas as the country's economic troubles continue to bite.

And almost 15 per cent of the population are also now on food stamps, it emerged yesterday.

The ranks of the poor applying for food stamps increased by a worrying 8.1 per cent over the past year to make a total of 45.8 million.

The increase in poverty is believed to have been caused due to the housing bust pushing many inner-city poor into suburbs and other outlying places and shriveled jobs and income.

'There now really is no unaffected group, except maybe the very top income earners,' said Robert Moffitt, a professor of economics at Johns Hopkins University."

Extreme Poverty Is Now At Record Levels: 19 Statistics About The Poor That Will Absolutely Astound You



Anonymous abi said...

These are such shameful statistics. It's hard to believe that so many of us still insist that we are the greatest country the world has ever seen.

It might be helpful if the media paid as much attention to these statistics as they do, say, the two-year horserace between our corporate-controlled presidential candiates.

8/11/11 11:02 AM  

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