Thursday, November 03, 2011

Time Travelers

wraparound sunglasses in 1940

woman on cell phone in a Charlie Chaplin film


Anonymous Nina said...

oooooh - such things are so fascinating to me - to us! i'd LOVE to meet one of these time travelers. in july of 2009, i was inside while mr. n was outside. it was late at night and suddenly, as if in a hypnotic trance, i felt this draw to go outside and look north to the night sky. i walk outside, mr. n says "whatcha doing" and i point north where i suddenly see this large ball of light and said "looking for that" - pointing to it. well of course mr. n was like "how in the hell did you know that was going to be in the sky?" and i said "i don't know - just had a strong hunch." we watched it as it turned sharply and headed east before blipping out... and i swear to this day it communicated to me. i got the sense they were time travelers. "see you soon" was what i felt coming from it - only my name was also included. i felt such a strong draw to this object -almost like a homesickness. it was enough that i wept. who knows. 2 months later i was pregnant. coincidence? i don't know. maybe. or maybe it was also something altogether separate. i read an article by dan akroyd - who had a similar experience (feeling a strong draw to go outside and look in the sky - like something was speaking w/him telepathically). i'm sceptical in that i'm also keenly aware that the technology exists to feed messages to the populace. but the feelings i had were authentic for certain. at least i hope they were. who knows. still something i search for an answer to to this day.

4/11/11 10:25 PM  

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