Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Upping The Ante

NEXT STOP - Occupy Foreclosures Gains Momentum

"There is a movement similar to this under the overall Occupy umbrella. It's called Occupy Vacant Properties, and it has been most visible in San Francisco, where families are even reclaiming their old homes post-foreclosures.

My family has been in this neighborhood for 50 years, and since I’ve been evicted, the place has been vacant, like so many homes in the Bayview. Families have been ripped off by banks, scammed by brokers and nothing’s done to them. It’s time for the families and the community to stand up and take back what’s theirs."

As people rebel against the injustices inherent in this deeply corrupt system, the attack dogs will get ever more vicious and boy howdy are we going to have videos of it all. You see, rocking the boat, exposing the bankster gravy train has always been strictly verboten. Taking back homes will be dealt with extremely harshly because that's the one thing the reptilian masters won't allow - regaining control of our own lives. It's one thing to march in the streets and get your head busted while being villified by FAUX news, it's another thing entirely to take back property and even use your own money.


Anonymous Nz said...

If enough people do this the corporate police and rent-a-cop thugs will be overwhelmed and unable to stop it.

3/11/11 7:05 AM  

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