Sunday, October 30, 2011

Something For The Fascist Stooges To Chew On

More Americans own guns

"TUCSON - Gun ownership is on the rise in the United States.

According to a new Gallup poll, 47% of Americans reported having a gun in their home. That's up from 41 percent last year.

The same study found the number of women who own a gun is at an all time high at 43%.

Gun ownership rates are also higher in the south and mid-west than in the north-east or west."

Actually I think this is pretty misleading. If by the "west' they include California then the numbers are pretty skewed because of high population and some of the most stringent laws in the country. The Rocky Mountain west from the plains to Cal is awash with lethal iron. Also many people won't admit to being firearm owners. Plus there are far more guns in private possession than statistics try to show because of one reason. For years the most important statistic that was purported to show firearm ownership was the amount of background checks the feds had to process, supposedly signifying how many weapons were out there. What it conveniently failed to delineate year after year was how many of those background checks were for multiple gun purchases at one time.

The fascists and their minions don't quite know how to handle the vast majority of citizens that are armed and have been afraid of us for a long time, with good reason. They tried a series of false flag shootings to push anti constitutional gun legislation and failed. They tried back door tactics to inhibit our abilities and failed. They got exposed with their Mexican gambit to blame american gun dealers and failed big time. So apparently all they can do in this present era is lie about our numbers and intent, of course until the next big false flag lollapalooza when we'll be villainized, since the main purpose of their machinations was always to expand war abroad and institute suffocating fascism at home.

But a head's up for the police state and their lackeys: don't believe your own propaganda and lies. You've really fucked up recently and this recent bullshit concerning gun ownership numbers is going to haunt you big time. Happy Halloween.


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