Sunday, November 06, 2011

When Confronted By Oligarchy's Kneecappers

Basically treat the cops as touchy, paranoid, homicidal power trippers who consider you guilty until shot and less likely a threat.

The top 3 things to do in every police encounter

no coincidence it's also what they want you to do at naked xray scanners

3. Be cool and be aware
"When confronting an officer during a traffic stop, exhibiting anger or frustration at the onset of the encounter can change the outcome dramatically. Remain calm, keep your hands on the wheel and do not reach for your license or insurance papers until directed to."
"Pro tip: If it’s night, turn on your vehicle’s interior light to provide the officer with an additional sense of security, and make no movements without first telling the officer what you are reaching for and where it is."

2. Keep quiet and assert your rights
"The U.S. Constitution gives every citizen the right to remain silent, even under police questioning. Whether you’re under arrest or not, you do not have to answer police questions, and you are always entitled to a lawyer. Since police can legally lie in order to use a suspect’s words against them, silence is always the best option. Simply inform the officer in a respectful manner that you wish to remain silent and would like to speak with an attorney. You should also politely ask if the officer is detaining you or if you are free to leave."

1. Never consent to searches

"Thanks to the nation’s drug policies, invasive searches for contraband substances or firearms are commonplace – but this is also where most people get tripped up. While you cannot tell an officer that you won’t let them search your vehicle or your person, you can say you do not consent, which triggers important constitutional protections under the Fourth Amendment. They may still execute the search, but even if they find contraband or weapons, a lawyer has a better chance at getting the case dropped if you did not give permission.

“The only way to come out ahead is to say, ‘I don’t consent to a search,’” explained Ronald Hampton, former director of the National Black Police Association and a 24-year veteran of the Washington, D.C. metro police. “You have to say that. If you don’t, you’re not protected. If you don’t say that, [your lawyer] can’t represent you. The minute you say that, you’ve set the stage for the legal battle in court. You can’t argue with them on the street. They can be wrong and you can be right, but you can still get hurt.”

Pro tip: If an officer asks you to empty your pockets, respectfully decline and reiterate that you do not consent to any search. Emptying your pockets is the same as saying you consent. The officer may still reach into your pockets if they claim to have felt something that may be a weapon, but by refusing you retain constitutional protections later on."

But of course, unless it's recorded, everything you say or do is up to the cop to remember.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I agree, here are some additional hints to make a state of california police encounter a positive one. 92% of people stopped by police do not know and understand their rights. So the police officers get into a habit of doing whatever they want because no one asks the "questions"

You can remain in the vehicle for safety,but do what you are instructed to do... it will make things alot better, wait and find out what is the reason for the "stop" Most people dont understand the cops do have a right to stop and investigate, they can make it up or be justified. Either way do not begin by an argument. Wait and listen to the reason for the stop. If it sounds valid, then listen closely to the instructions, and dont cry or panic. Most of the time it may just be a moving violation (ticket) if the stop and cop begins to get weird or strange, you have the right to request a police supervisor to the scene. You can at anytime provide your identification and reason for your concern, and refuse any and all searches until the supervisor arrives. You must request this calmly. Remember if you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to worry about. The most you may get is a ticket. Readers must understand the point that 75% of the street cops are still really good people, greeting them with a smile and calmness will help most of the situation. Remember its the cops authority to let you go with a warning, or begin a citation or further investigation, both will depend on YOUR behavior. In any case, a search for weapons "pat down" is a given in california, its legal and if probable cause is present, the cops WILL search. Dont give them a suspicion, smile, and communicate in a friendly manner. Remember you are not looking for the police, but they are looking for you, and if there is a suspicion they will pull you over or stop you on the street to investigate just because they can. Ask questions and know your rights. If you are rolling dirty, then your looking to get caught.. dont take a chance stay clean and we can bust the dirty cops and weed out the bad apples and send THEM to jail!

Capt J. Brown

7/11/11 3:17 PM  

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