Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Fix Is In

Republicans make sure Obama serves second term

"I have concluded that we may as well dispense with the coming media circus surrounding the 2012 presidential election. Think of it: no phony “debates”, no stage shows, no mud slinging ads, no having to hear the same lame lies and statements as one candidate after another tries to convince us that he/she will reverse the terrible destructive course the US is on. We don’t need to subject ourselves to any of it; the fix is in and Obama wins hands down, no competition……or at least none that the Republican party will acknowledge. Why upset the status quo?

How do I know this?

The Republican party could easily sweep the elections and retake the White House simply by running Ron Paul (R) TX. Poll after poll shows Paul garnering 25% with GOP voters and as much as 70% or more with the public from BOTH sides of the political spectrum.

During the GOP debate, CBS twice removed a candidate poll because the support for Ron Paul showed that he was far and away the leading choice for Republican voters and that was not supposed to happen!

So why wouldn’t the Republican party run what is clearly a winning candidate? Hmmmmm. Because Ron Paul would put an end to much of the power Republicans and Democrats enjoy as a result of their own self-pandering, power grabbing and unconstitutional activity.

Instead they are offering the sorriest collection of non-starters most likely ever assembled for a presidential race and are actively blacking out and refusing to acknowledge the popularity of Paul with the voters and what would be a sure-fire land-slide election.

When I see politicians such as Newt (I just can’t keep my pants on)Gingrich being paraded out for the umpteenth time and treated as if he is actually a viable and desirable candidate for the country’s highest office, knowing this man’s proclivity for mistresses and philandering, for abusing position and power, I tend to think the Republican party has bottomed out.

The remaining candidates are so lack luster, so unqualified, so entrenched in neo-conservative ideology that these pseudo debates are actually tedious to listen to. The canned questions with the corresponding canned and scripted answers are an insult to the viewers.

As a last ditch effort to throw a clinker into the mix, Herman Cain appeared on the Republican bandwagon. For cripes sake, from where did the Republicans dig this man up? Every time Cain appears on camera, viewers begin cringing as they wait for the next fabulously idiotic statement emanating from this man’s mouth. Of course Faux News just loves him……that should be a tip off right there that something is wrong.

So the question remains: Why would the Republican party shun a candidate who can obviously win against all comers, and instead support candidates they know have no chance of winning anything unless the electronic voting machines are rigged yet again?

The Answer: Obama is their candidate also."

Very wise words. Does anyone still believe that those in power would ever allow the unwashed rabble to actually derail their entrenched gravy train? Come on.
Obama was the biggest scam on american mouthbreathing fools ever. He's the Bush mob's third term, corporation's wet dream, bankster's idol, the very personification of smiling repression at home and endless profitable war abroad. Why would anyone think this caricature would be replaced since he's such a useful tool as fascism's point man?


Anonymous Nz said...

Yep, this guy nails it. Obama was most likely promised a second term by his masters so long as he played the perfect puppet for them.

Everyone knows that single-term presidents don't sell books anymore, if they ever did.

20/11/11 5:14 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

"Everyone knows that single-term presidents don't sell books anymore, if they ever did."
I've been thinking about the political track record lately, Nz. We'd be simpletons to think voting means anything in these days of science fiction quality high tech manipulation. But it's like they sat down and divvied up the decades to the most worthy of fascism's toadies, pretending a change of parties actually meant something.
The 80s went to Reagan and Bush 1.
The 90s went to Clinton.
The oughts went to Bush 2.
Now this decade goes to Obama.

20/11/11 8:25 PM  

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