Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Arab Revolt" Turns Out To Be A Load Of Horseshit

Second day of clashes in Egypt could lead to second revolt

"CAIRO — Police continued to fire tear gas and rubber bullets into crowds of angry protesters on Sunday morning as doctors treated the wounded in a makeshift clinic set up in an alley way mosque in the center of the capital.

Demonstrators vowed to stay until the military leadership, the defacto rulers of Egypt, fulfilled their demands and set a date to hand over power to a civilian government. In Tahrir Square, the epicenter of Egypt’s 18-day uprising, the signs of a second large-scale revolt, were everywhere just eight days before the start of parliamentary elections. But this time the target is the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, who appear to be broadening and consolidating power just before Egypt’s first post-revolt election.

“This is a war for freedom,” said Sara Mohammed, 19, a mass communications college student. She’d slept in the streets on Saturday and returned after a midterm to drop off food and medicine for the wounded. “We didn’t complete our revolution. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces is in power and they were with Hosni Mubarak for 30 years. We stayed 18 days and we got Mubarak out and we’ll do it again.”

Saturday and Sunday’s confrontation with police was reminiscent of the most violent days of the revolt that drove President Hosni Mubarak out of power as liberal and Islamist activists worked jointly to battle riot police officers."

About 2 -3 weeks into the seminal Egyptian protests I recognized that the powers that be had barged in and co opted the movement. Nothing was going to change, corrupt media like Qatar based Al Jezeera would frame the insurrection in the appropriate manner and the end result would be the same as the old boss. Here you go.
The really ugly, disgusting part of this is that it was used as a progenitor for the bogus attack on Libya.
Big surprise concerning the following:

Obama administration sides with the military

Egyptian military say their tactics are no worse than the methods used by US police against Occupy protesters


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