Thursday, October 27, 2011

What Fascist Thugs Are Willing To Do To You If You're Willing To Stand Up For Your Rights

Scott Olsen To Undergo Brain Surgery

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

ABC And CBS News Both Cut Away Due To Technical Difficulties At Onset Of Oakland Police Violence

"In more on the mainstream media’s bizarre coverage of Tuesday night’s police brutality in Oakland, a number of blogs have commented on this — both ABC and CBS local affiliates had helicopters providing live feeds as events unfolded in front of Oakland’s City Hall. Allegedly, both television channels cut their transmissions when the police began attacking protesters, and both said it was due to their helicopters’ needing refueling. That’s right — both the ABC and CBS helicopters ran out of fuel at the same moment. The moment when the newsworthy events began to occur. One can only say, wow. Oakland Local writes:

OPD gave us 5 minutes to disperse, and then attacked the crowd with tear gas, flash grenades, and rubber bullets. I was there until that point, and I can testify that it was a peaceful march until the police attacked it.

Moreover, they just happened to begin firing tear gas into the crowd right after the two major media outlets that were covering it with live feeds turned off their cameras. That coincidence was quite a coincidence. ABC and CBS later claimed their helicopters had to refuel, and they did show footage from later. But what a coincidence that they turned off their cameras just before the police attacked? And that their helicopters ran out of gas at precisely the same time, that time?"


Anonymous greencrow said...


Here is what I think about the "Occupation Wall Street" type demonstrations...they're a front by the NWO to root out the trouble makers before the real tough times start...and to test their "crowd control" strategies. Here is someone who very eloquently says the same thing:


28/10/11 12:06 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Thanks for the link gc. Chossudovsky is one of the good guys with a real grasp of deeper truth.
I fully believe all resistance movements are immediately compromised because that's how the elites maintain power. I saw it as long ago as the Vietnam protests. I was even approached by government agents during the Earth First heydays. It's a given that all protests are intensely scrutinized and co opted because that's what power does - control the opposition so that it won't ever seriously rock the boat. Chossudovsky mentions the Egyptian situation which was a perfect example of that.
But to me there are several reasons not to throw one's hand up and not bother to take to the streets, even though I remember all the police photographers on rooftops during the Vietnam protests. It really does make the fascists sweat when masses of citizens demonstrate and if people are careful they can out the provocateurs and fakes. But the main strategy is to force the fascists to strip off their happy face masks and show their true ugliness to the world. In the past they were able to get away with that, but not now. It's a horrible truth that Scott Olsen may have given his life to expose the fascist fucks. However what happened to him has woken a shitload of people up, especially hundreds of thousands of soldiers.
Dancing and kissing at the Jefferson Memorial exposed and publicly shamed park police.

28/10/11 1:47 PM  
Anonymous greencrow said...

Thanks for your comments, Nolo.

When Chossudovsky mentioned the US State Department's consultation group that had as its symbol the clenched raised fists...I laughed out loud...

and took my old "peace" demonstration sign (from the 90's)out of the closet and showed it to my 20'something son. I looked at it with "new eyes" and saw the saying:

"No Justice.

No Peace."

(above the clenched raised fists)

In a whole new light.


28/10/11 6:28 PM  
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