Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Single Picture Ecapsulates The Libyan "Revolution"

Harold Pinter

"It never happened. Nothing ever happened. Even while it was happening it wasn’t happening. It didn’t matter. It was of no interest. The crimes of the United States have been systematic, constant, vicious, remorseless, but very few people have actually talked about them. You have to hand it to America. It has exercised a quite clinical manipulation of power worldwide while masquerading as a force for universal good. It’s a brilliant, even witty, highly successful act of hypnosis."


Anonymous mattyhill said...

Instant "blowback" guaranteed!

26/10/11 4:55 PM  
Anonymous greencrow said...


Angirfan keeps posting info that Gadaffi is still alive.


27/10/11 3:26 PM  

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