Monday, October 24, 2011

Empire's Real Reason For Libya

By the way, I just learned today that my primary bank went insolvent.
If you're smart, you'll transfer everything to local credit unions, which will allow you to deal with money as this fascist crap descends into the Weimar Republic.

Banksters Offer Suckers a Last Meal

"Its the days of wine and roses my friends. The Banksters have extended this suckers rally in the face of all logic and reasoning. Consider the following:

1. The Euro is on the brink of collapse.

2. Bank of America and JP Morgan just publicly disclosed their 150 trillion dollars in derivatives liabilities. This goes against assets and makes both major banks technically insolvent.

3. The 150 trillion dollars was moved into Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insured accounts by both entities. Now the U.S. taxpayer is on the hook to pay them off. Not one word of protest from Congress, the Presidential candidates or the Obamination.

4. The National debt just went from 14.5 trillion to 14.5 trillion plus the 150 trillion in derivatives, this is against 14 trillion in annual gross national product.

5. The estimated total global derivatives exposure is about 1,000 trillion dollars, soon to be saddled on the American taxpayer by other Rothschild/Rockefeller concerns.

6. To appease the malcontents, the Satanic Psychopaths have pumped the market by a 100 points. Now the main-scream media are stumbling all over themselves to proclaim we are in yet another recovery.

I stand by my projections of a Stock Market Collapse, followed by:

1. Rising Interest Rates

2. Bond Market Collapse

3. Bank Runs and Collapse

4. Paper Currency Collapse

5. Hyper-inflation

6. Silver selling for 10 times its current price and 5 times that in 2012.

7. Massive riots and food shortages.

8. Total War

9. A physical separation between the small group of people that are prepared and those that are not."


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