Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thug Life Scratches That Inner Itch

Cops turn woman's house into a pigsty

"Note: Must be a fun job-being a cop. I thought wrecking things was fun when I was a child too. The gassing the puppies part and abuse of the citizens doesn't seem appealing to me - so I can't be a cop. I also don't like kicking people's teeth in, shooting blind wood carvers holding closed knives, shotgunning kids pets right in front of the family when a little dog jumps out of a car on the side of the interstate wagging its tail - no - I don't think police work is for me.

Seems that to be a cop these days you have to like dressing up like a soldier, in a mask, with a helmet, gun, all this equipment - then must be willing to mete out abuse to citizens whose rights you're supposed to be protecting. Obviously not a career I'd be able to survive for long.

I just don't like the idea of destroying people's lives - which seems the norm for cops now. Pretty sad really.

Let me put in the usual golly-gwarsh obligatory amidst police brutality gone amok in this country and say: "But most of them are really good guys/gals."

Ok now let's see why else I wouldn't be a cop - I don't like shocking people with a Taser - never know - what if they have a heart condition - or they are standing on a bridge from which they may fall to their death, as was the case in a police tasering not too long ago. No - I wouldn't be able to sleep that night.

I don't know if, as a cop, I'd be able to plant drugs on innocent people just to meet arrest quotas - as was recently testified to by a cop up North - New York maybe? There's so many cases of police abuse and corruption it's impossible to keep it all straight. I think they call that a "new norm" - you know - where police will just blow you away as soon as look at you - wreck your house - trample on your rights - and if you somehow blow a gasket and kill one of them - you're done since you've now joined the ranks of the "cop-killer." That's a worse killer than a "regular-people-killer" - which is what cops who murder innocents are. "Cop-killer_ is another American trigger-word to make sure that those abusing power can ensure that fighting back against tyranny will come only at the most severe price. We all know a cop's life is worth more than yours and mine put together- right? That's the message from the court system - so that's the reality we might as well get straight in our heads - right? Wrong. The courts are letting these guys go and their presence continues to poison the ranks of police everywhere.

I guess I won't be putting in an application for police work anytime soon. But I'm sure the police will police themselves and ensure that what happened to this lady's house will never happen again. (Don't hold your breath.)"


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