Thursday, October 06, 2011

"My Little Nightstick Is Going To Get A Workout Tonight"

Occupy Wall Street

At some point millions of people's arsenals will get a little workout.

Live from your paddywagon


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, Ok this is what NY has for protection? Two fat fucking losers.

Some training program huh Kelly?
Eat pizza and donuts and be a fit street cop. Not only is this perfect, its a great video of what is really wrong with city law enforcement. Wait till this guys wife or kids gets beat with a little work out of its own, ummmm i wonder how he would feel then?
As they laugh, they really dont see the impending doom of NYC or its police dept, god will not help NYC or its thugs. I am enjoying the KAOS and the revolution that is coming, right or wrong US civil war is here.


10/10/11 4:56 PM  

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