Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Two Tiered "Security" According To Money

TSA introduces express screening at airports

"(CBS News)

By now you probably know the drill at airports when it comes to security: shoes and belts off, pockets empty, those three-ounce liquids in a separate bag, and not to mention the wait time.

The routine, though, is changing -- for some travelers, anyway. The TSA began testing a new program Tuesday allowing pre-screened passengers to speed through security at four airports: Atlanta, Miami, Detroit and Dallas-Fort Worth. CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann checked it out.

At mid-morning, Atlanta's airport -- the nation's busiest -- was a security bottleneck. But one line breezed through in seconds.

Chris McLaughlin heads security for the TSA -- and "Pre-Check," its new test program. He singled out one passenger at a security screening while showing Strassman around inside the airport.

"You noticed today that he is not having to take out his computer, he's able to leave his shoes on."

Delta and American Airlines have invited selected frequent flyers to share personal information, such as a home address and contact info. In return, the TSA let them walk through security without removing anything, as people in neighboring lines struggled to untie their laces."

All about fucking dough. Tell me otherwise.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goddammit.. they did this shit at Disneyland. Pay more, get quick pass. Fuck, this system and its greed is so done. The earth will not continue the way i thought it was. I can see it now, if you pay more at the welfare line, you can have a better choice of soylent green.

We need the Omega Man !


5/10/11 4:25 PM  

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