Thursday, October 20, 2011

Libya Revisionism Begins

So many outright lies and garbage in this piece it's hard to know where to begin.
Suffice to say, the ABC staff is on kneepads to serve their corporate, manipulative masters.

With Warped Vision, Gadhafi Maddened Libya, West

"During nearly 42 years in power in Libya, Moammar Gadhafi was one of the world's most eccentric dictators, so mercurial that he was both condemned and courted by the West, while he brutally warped his country with his idiosyncratic vision of autocratic rule until he was finally toppled by his own people.

The modern Arab world's longest-ruling figure, Libya's "Brother Leader" displayed striking contrasts. He was a sponsor of terrorism whose regime was blamed for blowing up two passenger jets, who then helped the U.S. in the war on terror. He was an Arab nationalist who mocked Arab rulers. In the crowning paradox, he preached a "revolutionary" utopia of people power but ran a one-man dictatorship that fueled the revolution against him.

His death on Thursday at age 69 — confirmed by Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril — came as Libyan fighters defeated Gadhafi's last holdouts in his hometown of Sirte, the last major site of resistance in the country.

Their final declaration of victory came weeks after Gadhafi was swept from power by rebels who drove triumphantly into the capital of Tripoli on Aug. 21, capping a six-month civil war.

"Dance, sing and fight!" Gadhafi had exhorted his followers even as his enemies were on the capital's doorstep before fleeing into Libya's hinterlands where his die-hard backers had continued to battle the rebels-turned-rulers.

Gadhafi leaves behind an oil-rich nation of 6.5 million traumatized by a rule that drained it of institutions while the ship of state was directed by the whims of one man and his family. Notorious for his extravagant outfits — ranging from white suits and sunglasses to military uniforms with frilled epaulets to brilliantly colored robes decorated with the map of Africa — he styled himself as a combination Bedouin chief and philosopher king."

Cowardly Hitler committed suicide in a hidiehole bunker

Manuel Noriega:"U.S. troops searching his various hideouts found, along with pictures of Adolf Hitler, collections of pornography and sophisticated weapons and more than 50 kilos of cocaine. In one Noriega guesthouse, searchers found a bucket of blood and entrails, which they said may have been used for occult rites to protect him. Was the accused drug trafficker deteriorating into a megalomaniac drug user?"

David Koresh ran guns, had a meth lab and raped children

Saddam 'caught like a rat' in a hole

Osama bin Laden killed cowering behind his 'human shield' wife

Libya's Gaddafi caught hiding like a "rat"

Get it yet?


Anonymous greencrow said...

Hi nolo:

Chalk up yet one more "victory" for the lawless ZATO.

One more loss for the rule of law and justice.

One more loss for humanity and civilization.


20/10/11 1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Green and Nolo,

Yep the MSM spin doctors are flying into the same "Hooray" everythings OK, the bad guys gone so everythings OK ! Well fuck this... I listen to news radio to try and get the true news, but forget it, everyone is a sell out at this point..NPR and alike are stooges, everyday on market place its, great news, the unemployment stayed the same today. WHAT....!! thats good news?

we are doomed, NOLO by the way MSNBC posted the following in the news spot : Buy a home, get a US visa, senators propose
Purchases at $500,000 or more would yield residence visas
Great.... ring the bell for MORE illegal non documented people to pour into the homes that WE are getting kicked out of ! We are DOOMED

20/10/11 2:35 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Totally demonic at this point - all official actions and their corrupt reportage whores.

20/10/11 10:46 PM  
Anonymous Nz said...

Check this out:

"Rumors of Muammar Qaddafi Spread by NTC for Hillary Clinton"

"Rumors are circulating with once again European and American leaders misinforming the public, and the usual media culprits Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabia broadcasting the occupation NTC (National Terrorist Council) claim of the capture or death of Muammar Qaddafi.

Green Committees have confirmed that the leader is alive, and that the enemy is seeking to take advantage of his being currently out of communications. The aim is to please Hillary Clinton who barked at her Arab slaves that she wants Muammar Qaddafi "dead or alive."

The analysts who are close to the Libyan leader have told Mathaba that the aim of the rumours is several fold. On the one hand, they wish to demoralize the Libyan resistance which has held out for over 7 months against the strongest terrorists and invading armies in the world. On the other hand, they wish to thus lure the Leader out to make a call in order to attempt to get a fix on his location."


Why do so many continue to believe the lies of the corporate media? I sure as hell do not.

21/10/11 3:13 AM  
Anonymous greencrow said...

Hi Nolo and all:

whenever I get REally DEPRESSED about what is going on in the world I go to David Icke:!

This video contains a precious clip of quadaffi at the UN with his rumpled UN charter, quoting from it about how the UN should be conducting itself...precious.


21/10/11 9:20 PM  

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