Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Direct Proof For Panspermia

Microbes Found Preadapted for Life in Space

"Microbes born on Earth are already pre-adapted for journeying through space, living in space, and not just surviving but flourishing in radioactive environments where they are continually exposed to radiation by ions similar to what might be encountered in a nebular cloud.

In 1958, physicists discovered clouds of bacteria, ranging from two million bacteria per cm3 and over 1 billion per quart, thriving in pools of radioactive waste directly exposed to ionizing radiation and radiation levels millions of times greater than could have ever before been experienced on this plane.

The world's first artificial nuclear reactor was not even built until 1942. Prior to the 1945, poisonous pools of radioactive waste did not even exist on Earth. And yet, over a dozen different species of microbe have inherited the genes which enable them to survive conditions which for the previous 4.5 billion years could have only been experienced in space.

Microbes from Earth are preadapted to surviving conditions which they have not encountered on this planet. Therefore, they must have inherited the genes which made survival in space possible; and this means these genes were acquired from microbes which had lived in space. It is this adaptation which made them the perfect vehicle for spreading the genetic seeds of life throughout the cosmos."

Panspermia - "Panspermia (Greek: πανσπερμία from πᾶς/πᾶν (pas/pan) "all" and σπέρμα (sperma) "seed") is the hypothesis that life exists throughout the Universe, distributed by meteoroids, asteroids and planetoids.

Panspermia proposes that life that can survive the effects of space, such as extremophile bacteria, become trapped in debris that is ejected into space after collisions between planets that harbor life and Small Solar System Bodies (SSSB). Bacteria may travel dormant for an extended amount of time before colliding randomly with other planets or intermingling with protoplanetary disks. If met with ideal conditions on a new planet's surfaces, the bacteria become active and the process of evolution begins.
Panspermia is not meant to address how life began, just the method that may cause its sustenance."

For a long time this has been my outlook - that the universe is infinite and filled with life. From interstellar clouds to gaseous planets to rocky planets to comets and asteroids to even suns themselves. Incarnate in our third dimensional reality and existing in many, many other realms. Fuck the big bang garbage and all other made up claptrap - we're about to experience the most astonishing human awakening since the Copernican Revolution and Galileo Galilei.
Life exists everywhere and always has, always will.

guitar god led the way

Hendrix explored the biblical and aural "coat of many colors" in a way that few understood at the time. Listen to this:

Hang on

I got to be free


Anonymous mattyhill said...

His pre-rock god story is interesting, time served in the service and otherwise.

18/10/11 5:11 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

His music is otherworldly, unbelievably inventive and mesmorizing and I'll always treasure it, but I will look up his past, matty.

18/10/11 5:21 PM  
Anonymous mattyhill said...

Band of Gypsys-best live album ever!

19/10/11 4:02 PM  

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