Monday, October 17, 2011

I've Always Noted, If You Want To See Your Future, Look At What Empire Is Doing Abroad

Drones to Monitor U.S. Citizens

"Barack Obama’s government is expanding its use of remote-controlled drone aircraft from monitoring and killing its enemies overseas to tracking and monitoring average Americans here inside the United States. These are the same drones that the U.S. military claims have successfully assassinated so many of its political opponents abroad.
According to two recent documents circulated by the U.S. Army, the White House is seeking vendors to help it develop “tagging, tracking and locating” technology as part of a network of unmanned drones that would hover over American cities and towns, videotaping people as they go about their daily tasks. They could then use facial recognition technology to feed this information into a centralized database that would allow the government to more efficiently monitor our daily lives."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe those missing Libyan anti-air missiles will have a market here!

17/10/11 4:09 PM  

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