Saturday, October 15, 2011

Smell The Desperation

Arizona Town Hosts Own 'Running of the Bulls' caution - FAUX

"CAVE CREEK, Arizona – It's not the organized panic on the streets of Pamplona, but a few hundred thrill-seekers got a similar rush running from bulls in a U.S. desert Saturday.

The run with bulls in the small town of Cave Creek, Arizona, about an hour's drive north of Phoenix gave domestic daredevils a chance to re-create the famed mad dash from fighting animals that attracts thousands every year in Spain.

Organizers in Cave Creek say their version is safer than the storied sprints through Pamplona because their bulls are rodeo animals whose horns have been blunted for the occasion. Also, before each race, runners walk the entire route so they can see where escape exits are.

Still, participants had to sign a lengthy liability waiver and medical form to get what they were looking for -- a taste of the atmosphere that has inspired authors and captured imaginations for decades.

"I'm still shaking," said Maureen Borsodi of Los Angeles, after a Cave Creek bull run. "It was like a mob."

The run took most people about a minute to complete. Nearly two dozen bulls chased as many as 200 people at a time down a quarter-mile, fenced track. Aside from a few people tripping, nobody was seriously hurt."


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