Friday, October 14, 2011

Your Papers, Shnell

Interrogation transportation.

Next layer of air security: Chat-downs on top of pat-downs?

"BOSTON – As Ingrid Esser hands a Transportation Security Administration officer her identification and boarding pass for a flight from Logan International Airport to Washington, D.C., she faces a flurry of questions.

Where is she going? Why? How long is she staying?"

"In that exchange, Esser became part of an experiment that, if successful, could change how every passenger who seeks to board a commercial flight in the USA is screened: Besides going through a metal detector, and possibly a full-body scanning machine and pat-down, they'd first undergo a "chat-down," or face-to-face questioning by a TSA officer. The tactic is similar to what air travelers in Israel face under a program aimed at averting terrorism in the skies.
Chat-downs, a play on the word "pat-down," describing the physical screening that has angered some passengers as too intrusive, are part of the U.S. government's effort to adopt a broader strategy of sifting out people who might pose a greater security risk among the roughly 1.2 million people who fly each day."

My answer, if I ever fly again, would be a loud "fuck you."


Anonymous mattyhill said...

You'll never fly again with that attitude, mister!, couldn't help thinking about the old Cheech and chong record skit that featured "old man, sign zee papers" for some reason.

15/10/11 7:49 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Don't ever really want to fly again, with such in-your-face-fascism and disdain for customers, matty. Besides, I actually have no family aside from my wife and her kids and their kids, and we now live in such a wondrous area (less than an hour from Grand Canyon) that they should come and see us.

15/10/11 8:50 AM  

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