Friday, October 07, 2011

Headline From International Business Times

10 Years into Afghanistan War, U.S. is Only Halfway Done

"Exactly 10 years ago Friday (today), the United States entered into a war in Afghanistan. And, despite President Barack Obama's plan to completely remove American troops from the country by 2014, the U.S. could be in Afghanistan for decades to come."

Of course empire will want to stay in Afghanistan in perpetuity for a number of reasons - for the oil, for the opium profits, for the geostrategic forward positioning in the upcoming wars with Russia and China. All the blather about training Afghans and leaving is just to mollify increasingly hostile public opinion; empire has no intention whatsoever in withdrawal.

In the days after the 9/11 false flag there was one curious phenomena that I noticed but couldn't grasp the significance at the time. I was paying attention to the news just like everybody else. All kinds of speechifying and grandstanding. But there was a constant theme from all the Bush mob players that was repeated ad nauseum whenever any of them opened their pieholes, a constant refrain that was sure to be included if a camera or microphone was ever in close proximity. They said repeatedly, as if from scripted rehearsal, that the 9/11 perps would be caught and punished along with any country who harbored them. Over and over again.

At the time it really stood out that the same phrase would be uttered by Bush, Cheney, Rice and Von Rumsfeld so very often. Now of course it's obvious why they did it. Occupying Afghanistan had been in the cards for a long time and as a matter of fact the logistics to do so would have taken well over a full year to prepare. All the post 9/11 crappola was planned a long time before they pulled black tuesday and all the fascists had to do was pull off their self inflicted lollapalooza in 2001 as justification. If anyone thinks they'll willingly toss away what they've invested in for so long, and leave Afghanistan, then I have a few of Saddam's nuclear weapons to sell.


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