Friday, August 05, 2011

The Carefully Constructed Messiah Image Shall Not Be Messed With

University forced to pull boxes of Obama 'disappoint-mints' after complaints

"A University bookstore was forced to pull boxes of mints from its shelves after a state legislator complained that it satirised President Obama.

The red and blue box of mints - which were on sale for $2.99 at the University of Tennessee - bear a picture of the President with the words 'This is change? Disappoint-Mints' underneath.

Officials were forced to pull the product after Democratic state Rep Joe Armstrong visited the bookstore and told the manager he found the mints offensive."

This is more evidence of the importance to the manipulating powers that be that the false left/right hoax is of tremendous significance to their agenda. Obama is sold as a liberal but he's been worse than a Bush mob third term on steroids. His regime has reneged on every single promise and pledge they used to curry favor with a fluoride lobotomized general public. There is no way in hell that this murderous crew could ever be categorized as progressive or liberal, yet that's how brand Obama is presented to the dullards, and that image is so sacrosanct that it can't even be satirized with junk food.

This left/right garbage is used to pretend we have a choice when the phony, totally corrupt election cycles come around. In reality we have a one party fascist system. Every single pol, aside from a few designated pressure valves, is on the same page and would quickly be toast if he/she ever rocked the boat. It's the war party, buster, with the pedal to the metal and totally beholden to corporate interests and Israel. Image is everything to prop this rotten system up.

Remember that meticulously staged visual spam? Mr phony liberal man of peace pretending to broker some sort of detente which lasted, oh let's see, how long? When in actuality that Washington mob went on to gut social security, initiate the NAFTA disaster, institute the most murderous embargo in history on Iraq and bomb the piss out of Serbia, to name just a few things. But he was a left leaning lib donchaknow, and that's the fiction that Foxified bobbleheads and other unwaries eagerly nod to. This is all a manufactured scam with the current brand Obama rapidly transforming this country into a rabid endless-war-abroad-and-domestic-police-state-hell while it's guardians won't allow it's Nobel Peace Prize Laureate figurehead to be mocked on a tin of pretend food.


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