Saturday, August 06, 2011

A 9/11 Indoctrination For Children

"There's now a 9/11 cartoon movie courtesy of Mike Huckabee, co-founder of Learn Our History, a for-profit company whose mission is to help kids get excited and educated about history. The first initiative, an animated DVD series, has flicks on subjects like the American Revolution, and, perhaps more tellingly, "The Reagan Revolution." With an emphasis on faith in God, the Captain Planet-looking videos aren't for everyone, and the newest release, 9/11 & The War On Terror , is no exception. The September 11th cartoon, priced at $9.95 (plus four FREE GIFTS!), really explains, according to the literature, "How the ongoing War on Terror protects Americans at home and American ideals abroad."

Not surprisingly the comments have been disabled at Youtube.


Blogger Regan Lee said...

I don't know why exactly, but this is very scary. There's a lot of very scary events going on of course but this one... it's insidious. I think one of the reasons I find this disturbing is because of what I see ten, fifteen years from now: a whole generation of naive brainwashed kids and young adults ignorant of - - used to and accepting of -- the fascist society the live in, not even realizing the kind of society they're living in. And the rest of us, if we're still around? Cranks, kooks and even dangerous citizens, treated with patronizing tolerance at best, and Draconian suspicion at worst.

6/8/11 12:59 PM  
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